12V Safe Constant Temperature Car Milk Warmer Portable and Simple Operation Car Charger Warmer Baby Milk Bottle Heating Device S WIDEN ELECTRIC

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Product Parameters:
1. Product material: neoprene, heating sheet, car charger
2. Product power: 1.5A 12V DC
3. Product constant temperature: 30-45 degrees Celsius
Instructions For Use:
Place the milk bottle in the milk warmer, connect the two ends of the DC cable and plug the car power cord into the car's electric cigarette lighter. The product starts to be heated at this time. In a closed environment, the temperature may increase. So please pay attention to using this product in an exposed environment.
Warm Tips:
1. Please do not spill the liquid on the DC cable to prevent short circuit.
2. Use an adaptable power plug or USB connector.
3. Please do not put empty bottles or less than 10% of the capacity into the product for heating and insulation.
Product List:
1 * Car warmer

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