A to Z Horse Cookies Horse Cookie Treat: Original Flavor by, Low Carb Low Sugar Softer Treats, Organic, Great For All Horses And Excellent For Those With Metabolic Conditions 4.5 lbs Jar

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Size:10 lbs Pail


Product Description

  • A To Z Original Flavor Horse Cookies are low sugar, low carb, softer molasses cookies made with simple organic ingredients.
  • Contains NO Wheat, NO Corn, NO Alfalfa, and NO Soy. Designed to be a healthier option for all horses but especially for those with metabolic conditions. If you are looking for a healthy horse treat, this is it.
  • Made of the finest golden flax meal with a cold milling process to preserve the omega-3s.
  • May be used as a pill popper with ease. A To Z Cookies were created by actual horse owners. They know the difficulties of feeding pill medication. Simply put a pill in, give it a squeeze and down the hatch.
  • Crafted with purpose and meaning in the USA, made with highest quality human-grade ingredients. Yes, you can even enjoy a cookie with your best friend.

Size:4.5 lbs Jar

Our "ORIGINAL FLAVOR” molasses cookie was inspired by our desire to design a softer cookie that could easily be used as a pill popper. This low sugar molasses cookie has become a favorite for horse owners that have a difficult time medicating their horses. Try it, you will find it works like a charm! They are not only delicious, but wheat, corn, alfalfa, and soy free and made with the finest human grade ingredients. (Organic and all Natural) which are eagerly accepted by the young and more mature horse.

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January 19, 2018
My goats and horses love these treats. Theyu2019re great for my HYPP mare too. Theyu2019re a good size (big) for the horses - they feel like they got a substantial reward. They are also nice and soft and easy to break up. I have some Pygmy goats that need smaller pieces and big boars that can wolf the whole thing. We also have a very old goat who can barely chew anything (she has her grape leaves puru00e9ed) and she can easily eat pieces of these treats. Iu2019m thrilled to have found them!
southern NH
June 1, 2017
These were good treats, my mare ate them and asked for more. They are soft enough for senior horses. They even smell good! I broke them in half,and each half is still a good size to use as a treat. They did not dry or get crumbly in my pocket. I will buy them again. As a bonus the horses that are IR can have them too!
May 8, 2018
I wrote an earlier review and would have liked to edit that one, but couldn't figure out how to do it so.... My new review is that this company is awesome! I had complained that they sent me the wrong flavor and they called to apologize and to say they would deliver the correct ones! I thought it was their mistake, but it was actually Amazon's. As to the cookies, they are perfect! All the horses love them, and they are great for my boy with Cushings as they are low carb/sugar. He loves both kinds; however, I wanted the original flavor as their consistency works best for hiding pills. Thank you for a great product and great customer service! Pamela Jacobs
Susan Ristow
January 25, 2018
Hands down the best horse cookies on the market. Great for pill popping and great tasting for me too. Made from all human grade ingredients!
Diane Kay
May 20, 2017
Horses love them and they seem very healthy and fresh. Cookies a very big. One of the horses has problems with the size of the cookie with chewing it
May 24, 2018
My horse would not eat these at all. Then we tried them on the entire barn and not a single horse would eat them. I do like that they are soft which is what I was looking for but a waste of money if horses don't like em.
March 30, 2016
my horse loves these and they are perfect for giving him his medicine
Carmel L. Curtis
June 16, 2018
Excellent horse cookies! Not bad for humans either...we share!

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