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December 16, 2015
Jay Jay
January 13, 2016
This is a nice coloring book. I like these type that have the outlines of the animals but with intricate designs within that outline to Color. Right now this is my favorite coloring book I own.

I have two complaints which takes it from a five star to 4 star rating in my opinion.

The First is I wish it had perforated pages. My daughter likes to hang the colored pictures on her wall and it's hard to rip the page out without tearing the paper you are trying to preserve.

The second problem I have is the pages could be heavier. My markers bleed thru badly, so I have to slip a piece of cardboard in the book so not to damage other pages.

In conclusion, I really like this coloring book, but it just not quite perfect. :)

This product was a personal purchase for myself at the normal retail price. I am reviewing it because I want to share my experience with other potential customers.
March 1, 2016
This is an okay book for those not really seeking a challenge and/or wanting to focus on their coloring. I really love doing mosaic type books and thought this would be fun but it looks like someone printed out a design from an old laser jet printer, the lines aren't clear (looks a little pixelated) and the paper is computer paper. I gave this to my niece to practice coloring inside the lines. She loved it, I did not. So all in all, this is great for 6 year old kids - but I would recommend to just google animal mosaic coloring images, save the images you like and print it that way, it'll save you the money.
April 15, 2016
I was looking for an animal themed coloring book as a gift for a friend and came across this one. I liked it so much that I purchased one for her and one for our house. I am very pleased with the book and designs.
The designs are unique. You can choose a design to complete in an evening or you can work on a design a little at a time over the course of several evenings. ( sometimes I can't stop working on a picture, when I look at the clock it is 2 or 3 in the morning) They really are appropriate for any skill level or creative style.
Like others have noted, the paper does allow some markers/inks to bleed through. Which means it can transfer to the design or the table/counter top below.I prefer to remove the image I want to work on. For me, it is less cumbersome than trying to color with it still in the book. I saved the vinyl cover and cardboard back from a used spiral notebook, measured a line to cut off the holes along the edges. Both work well to protect the surface underneath. The vinyl cover is thin and slips between the pages better than the thicker cardboard, if you color with the design still in the book
I don't mind the thinner paper, as it likely helps keep the price down. The paper is not at all the paper of the coloring books from our youth.This paper is heavier weight, bright white paper with crisp, clean black printed designs.The paper works well enough to use markers, colored pencils, crayons and any combination of them. While I don't think they were necessarily designed to be
April 4, 2016
The quality of the prints is really bad, it looks like I someone just printed them off the internet. There are variations in the darkness of the ink, and the lines themselves are somewhat pixelated (a good word might be fuzzy). Some pictures are also more gray than others, like the picture file got distorted before printing. The pictures themselves would have been so nice, but the quality makes me question whether I can actually give this as gift now.

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