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Size:Medium  |  Color:Moroccan - Beige

Developed specifically for growing babies and children, Babe Care Play Mat provides hygienic and safe floor space for the family with little ones. Babies and children can play safely on the floor with stimulating and vibrant colors, characters, and educational elements such as letters and numbers. This play mat is an essential item for the safe growth and development of your baby and toddler. It protects children from hard floor surfaces, wrists and knees from potential impacts and injuries from crawling, standing, and falling. Simply lay it out in bedrooms, living rooms, play rooms, or any area for playtimes and much more!

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April 29, 2015
I purchased two of these because I have a toddler and because I'm also expecting another baby in a few weeks. Let me start by saying how much research I have done, just like you, if you're going through product reviews and opinions. I've owned several mats, but they were all hand-me-downs and it was finally time for us to purchase our own mats for our kids. I considered purchasing LG, Parklon, Alzip, and also looked at other Korean brands, but all of them were quite pricy and I personally did not see the importance of spending fortunes on a baby play mat. Of course, there are very important things to consider like, whether the product is eco-friendly, whether it contains any harmful chemicals or not, quality, durability, and so on, but I'm glad that I purchased this play mat because it is all that I want it to be and contains nothing I do not want in the play mat. Let me talk about the design, I really wanted to go with the Busy Farm and the Letters & Numbers one, but later decided to go with 2 Country Town mats instead. The reason why is because I have owned other play mats and one thing that I realized about mats is that you can get really sick of all the busy designs after time passes. However, the Country Town design is nice and green, bright, very neutral and comfortable for the eyes, so I definitely recommend this design to anyone looking for a mat that will go with any household interior. Another point I would like to make is, play mats are not just for protecting your children from impacts and falls, but also for sanitary purposes if you live in an apartment with carpeted floors. To me, this was the biggest reason why I needed to use play mats. Hardwood floors are easier to clean, but carpeted floors contain so many
Ericka Thibodo
April 27, 2018
January 10, 2018
August 8, 2016
In the description of Material type, there is no mentioning of PVC, which is the material the mat is made of. You can go to the company website to double check this. The manufacturer proudly claims that the mat is free from other toxins but purposely withholds this piece of information. Customers have the right to know this to make an informed decision. I find it hard that Amazon allows this, even after I have complained to them.
October 10, 2017
We are trying to live on a budget to save for a home, and lately I have had buyer's remorse on a few of the spendy purchases I have made. Not so with this one. Just opened up this mat and laid it out. It is quite bigger than I anticipated (in a great way)! For instance the pink elephant (we got Pingko) is almost twice as tall as the length of my foot! My daughter who is about 15 pounds right now will be just slightly larger than the elephant. So then this feels like an extraordinarily large surface for infant (plus parent) play! It feels so soft and squishy when stepped on. I can't wait for my daughter (who is with my mom at the moment) to see it and for us to build playful memories together on this mat. It wasn't in our budget to spend over a hundred on this (what it costs at the time of writing). Thankfully due to an Amazon warehouse deal in which only the outer box packaging was damaged, I was able to get this mat brand new for a significant discount. There were other themes of this mat in the seventy range at other stores but this is the theme I wanted and at the time of this review I could only find it on Amazon and no where else. So thank you Amazon/manufacturer for making this available here! The manufacturer wrapped it well in a plastic wrap and there is some foam on the inside as well. It comes with a 2 year warranty at the time of this writing. I really don't think that can be beat. If the mat is going to fail I feel it would do so in two years. If it lasts two years I don't see why it wouldn't last longer. Awesome mat, would recommend.

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