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Baby's Best Products is proud to introduce its new Lux Series Pattern Play Mat, a new play mat certified for use by children from 0+ months. As part of the set, will receive 20, 14 x 14 inch eco-friendly, extra-thick, EVA foam tiles that have contemporary pattern designs. Baby's Best Products offers a consumer friendly 1-year full satisfaction warranty. For additional information about our products, please see Contact us any time via phone or email for product support.

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Michelle Strauss
April 19, 2017
This mat is far superior to every other mat. I purchased a second mat after using this for only a few days because I know once our little gets crawling we are going to want even more safe play space and I didn't want to take any chances on it being unavailable. This mat is thicker than all the others, which is very important when your baby is falling down regularly. It has no toxic chemical smell. No chemical smell!! Not to mention it is gorgeous and does not make my living room look like a daycare. There are no little shapes or edging pieces to contend with (they never stay flat or in place-don't kid yourself) I wipe it down with disinfectant wipes and have peace of mind. Worth every penny.
April 4, 2017
I recently purchased the Lux Series Puzzle Play Mat, and I am extremely happy with my purchase. The design of the product was very contemporary and its grey and white color palette fit so nicely into the decor of my home. It is also noticeably thicker than the mat we had previously, so it gives me comfort while my young son is playing on it. I had a few questions about the product when I first received the mat and when I called the company, they were great. They really took an interest in my questions. They told me this was a new product for them and they wanted to make sure the product was how I expected it to be; I was really impressed with their thoroughness and with the product overall.
August 10, 2017
Beautiful, subdued play mats - a most definitely stylish alternative to the brightly hued options of other play mats available - perfect for a home that doesn't have a dedicated play space and wants to incorporate a play mat that won't clash with the interiors and stick out like a sore thumb. After three months of daily use and tear and wear, they've held up relatively well. They wipe down nicely, and the color has not faded. After three months, there are a couple nicks and dents (we never wear shoes on these), which are barely visible unless you scrutinize and there are a couple smaller spots on the surface where the design has rubbed off. These are no thicker than your nicer quality play mats, and the surface is smooth, which is nice. The designs can be alternated to change it up, and absent the exterior edges it could even be mistaken for a rug. The biggest drawback here is of course, the price. I would have bought two of these were they not so darn expensive. The one set covers a decent small area, but if you are looking for sizeable coverage, you'll have to definitely buy two sets.
Amazon Customer
April 14, 2017
Love the design and quality of the mats but wish they made edge pieces to use!
Jessica c
May 9, 2017
A beautiful addition to our family room and now my baby can crawl around and play on a clean comfortable surface!
swt caroline
October 18, 2017
I use this in lieu of a carpet in-between my couch and tv, where the coffee table once existed. I love this so much that I bought 2 of them... and yes people it is NOT cheap! Yet... when I look at my apartment, it still looks modern, rather than a children's playhouse. I get a lot of compliments that reassure me of the big hole in my pocket. I have peace of mind knowing that this foam is super thick and prevents my baby boy from hurting himself!!! It does not have any toxic smells, but I wiped every single tile before use with baby wipes because I am OCD like that.
Savannah Perry
July 19, 2018
I purchased this for our daughter's room before she was born. It is SO darn cute. I love the patterns. It was easy to clean at first, but then about 2 months ago parts of the coating over the tiles started lifting. The tiles started getting really sticky and yellowing. I took some lysol wipes to it and it didn't do anything to help. I uses a little bit of adhesive remover on the sticky spots thinking I must have spilled something on them somehow, and it took the pattern completely off the tile. So now it's just blotchy. The creators were great to work with when I went to order and it was sold out. They emailed me personally to let me know when it was back in stock. My only complaint is this issue with the sticky feel now and the patterns coming off. It is in a low traffic area of the baby's room and I don't even know what I could have spilled, so I am curious if it just is defected. I have 4 tiles that are not usable and too sticky to keep on the floor so I have them sitting in a garbage pile at the moment. I will wait to see if any of the other tiles do this too.

After my review, the owners sent me a new set. It looks great and so far no issues! I will keep you posted!
May 10, 2017
I ordered this because I needed a soft surface for my crawling infant in our living room. I liked the aesthetics and the product does not disappoint. It looks nice in our adult living room (rather than a bright nursery mat in primary colors) and protects the underlying rug. It is working out so well as a playspace I bought a second one to provide more coverage to the area. I may even get a third for the nursery itself.

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