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Color:Lamby Plush

Lamby Belly Blanket is a welcoming place for your little one's tummy time and perfect for play. Sweet Lamby is made from the most luxuriously soft plush and has a velvety soft velour underside, this cushy play mat is sure to be baby's favorite and grow with them well into childhood as a cuddle pal. Bearington Baby Collection, known worldwide for its outstanding quality and award winning designs, gives you the assurance that your gift will be one that is treasured for years. Approved for ages 0 and up. Machine washable.

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May 31, 2018
We purchased the lamb, my 6 month old son kept wanting to sleep with a soft blanket over his face or close to his face. Of course I wouldnu2019t allow it and he always had such a hard time falling asleep. I decided to get something like a pillow but as flat as possible if that makes sense. Anyway my baby is 13 months old now and CAN NOT sleep without lamb. He is absolutely in love with it and he snuggles it every night. It really seems to be a great comfort and security for him. At first I would only let him have it until he fell asleep because he was so young but once he was closer to a year he could have it all night. My husband and I always joke and say it was our best purchase of 2018! Needless to say this is such an awesome product, very plush and very well made. Iu2019m actually reviewing it now after 8 months, because we are going to get 2 more of these incase one gets lost or ruined some how. Itu2019s THAT good and THAT important to our son!
Vince Clortho
February 11, 2018
I actually bought this for my Pomeranian named Pumpkin who I consider to be my little baby girl She always loves laying on anything that is soft and fluffy. My wife and I call her our little lamb, so when I saw this, I just had to get it for her and she loves it!
Cissy Cox
December 7, 2016
I love these Belly Play Mats. I found the first one while visiting a shop in Niagara on the Lake, Canada. I had the ears embroidered with a shamrock and a red pepper for the family background. (Since then we have done more shamrocks, Polish eagles and orchids.) The young man is now in third grade and I understand this is still around his room. Since then I have found them on line for his brother, his cousins, a friend's baby and my great nephew. Children seem to find comfort in them, sleeping and playing with them long after infancy. Personally, when I have one to wrap, I can't keep my hands off the softness. Even the embroiderer said she kept rubbing it. It was a serendipitous accident at has turned into a tradition.
Haley McCraw
June 28, 2018
My baby loves this mat. It has made tummy time much more enjoyable for him. The only thing not perfect about it is itu2019s so soft it is hard for him to get traction to try and crawl. I just put a hand behind his feet and once he gets his feet under him he does fine. The good part about it being so soft though is that it makes a great napping spot.
Grace N.
August 17, 2018
I bought this as a gift for a baby shower awhile ago and I noticed that the Mom was using this blanket for the baby photos so she must really love it! It's very soft, cuddly and really cute! I bought another one to give away for a baby shower coming up since the first one was so well appreciated.
May 22, 2018
Very cute. Plush and provides great/ample padding. Quality is good. I would say this great for a newborn - 3-4 months. All dependent on size of baby, but definitely small so wouldnu2019t be a large enough mat unless your baby is just enjoying tummy time...
July 18, 2018
Love the softness and on time delivery of this product. Itu2019s really beautiful and fluffy. Only reason gave it 4 stars is that i didnu2019t realize the eyes of the animal head are real buttons - a danger to a baby as he/she gets a bit older than newborn. Eyes should have been stitched on and it would be a perfect product.
Tina Nefertiti
October 19, 2015
High quality... and much better than all the other brands and lamb designs I've seen to date. Plus, it's sooooo soft and as myself being one of the pickiest people ever... I fell in love with the whole collection and had to have it for my baby.

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