BirdCageLiners - Large Cages - Pick-Your-Size - 100 Pre-Cut Sheets - 15 x 29 (241 Ft. 40 Pound Paper)

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  • If you purchase one cage accessory, make it our cage liners. They will simplify your cage cleaning and promote a clean and healthy environment for your birds. We carry forty, sixty-pound paper liners and Poly Coated paper liners. We use raw Kraft paper made in U.S. Paper Mills. Our paper has no inks, dyes, wax or any other contaminants. Liners are delivered rolled and will lay flat without creases. Keeping your birdcage clean is the most effective way to prevent illness.
  • Our paper is made from the same material paper bags are made out of and are light brown in color; the color makes inspecting bird droppings much easier. Our Poly Coated Papers are white paper with a very thin poly coating and guaranteed to not leak through. Our papers are all made in U.S. Paper Mills and have no inks, dyes nor wax. Birds have an extremely delicate respiratory system and must not be exposed to contaminants such as wax.
  • There are many articles written about the preferred birdcage liner, they all state plain paper. Our liners are delivered in rolled pre-cut sheets that will lay flat without creases.
  • Our recommendations based on our experience and years of customer feedback. 40 Pound paper is recommended for small birds (finches, canaries, parakeets etc.) 60 Pound paper is recommended for medium size birds like Amazon Greys, Quaker Parrots, conures etc. Poly coated paper is recommended for larger birds like Macaws, Yellow Naped Amazon, Cockatoos etc.
  • Please measure the inside of the cage pan, not the outside of the cage for proper fitment. You can easily access our entire liner line by typing birdcage liners (all together no spaces) in the Amazon Search Bar. Our Brand is BirdCageLiners, any other brands you see are not produced or distributed by us.

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Redhead Reader
July 31, 2017
The liners are absorbent and fit perfectly inside the cage. They are heavy enough so that handling is easy. They came with a moisture barrier to place between the top sheet and the next in case the bird took a bath or water was accidentally spilled on the top sheet so that there was no soakage to the sheets below. The seller cut the liners to order so that there was no need to fold and no gaps between the liner and the cage. I am very pleased with this product and will order again.
January 9, 2018
Well, I read that the papers were heavy weight paper and they are not. The size does not fit a large parrot cage, but I can use several at one time. The issue is they are no thicker than a piece of loose-leaf paper. Not sure I would pay the price they charge for these things again, I will have to see how many I go through as opposed to buying newspaper to put down that costs me a few dollars a week. These may work well for a small parakeet or other small bird whose droppings are small and not that heavy like a macaw that I have. I wanted to give them a try.
November 16, 2015
After years of using bags and bags of corn cob bedding and what a mess that was sometimes, I found these on Amazon while looking for other bird bedding. I love them. I put a stack of them in the tray, each day I fold up the used one, throw it away and it exposes a new one. It does not get any easier than that. Another real plus is the number of sizes they have and they are completely natural material. Love them.
January 24, 2016
I just started using these, and they are great! I've been using cage liners from another source and didn't realize I didn't like them until I started using these! They are the perfect thickness to provide better stability when removing, which helps keep what's on it, on it, instead of falling back into the cage. Additionally, I have always had to cut my cage liners to size before as I have not found previously any that are the exact size of my cage floor, and these fit perfectly as is. I also like the brown color. Less of a
Robin A. Lewis
October 10, 2017
These bird cage liners fit perfectly, resting flat on the bottom of the cage. I have two cages with different dimensions, and BirdCageLiners had so many size options that I was able to find the right fit for each cage without having to request a custom size. I particularly like the plain brown paper from which they are made. No more need for layering the daily newspaper or cutting my own liners to fit from whatever paper I have on hand. I am going to use these from now on!
August 17, 2018
I ordered these liners in hopes that I could stop piece-ing together bits of newspaper to thoroughly line my parrot's cage. These pre-cut sheets are exactly what I was hoping to get. They are heavy enough for my bird's 'leavings' and don't soak through. I just slide a sheet in during the cage cleaning and it's done! No piecing, no slipping. So glad I found these!
June 27, 2018
These liners are perfect. I have paper-nibblers, so I'm happy to have non-bleached paper for them to chew. I also love that I can get these custom made, as my cage is not standard sized. They're a little expensive, but 100 sheets have lasted me almost a year (I change it every 2-3 days depending on how messy the little beasts get). The sellers are also responsive and ship quickly.
September 5, 2018
For years I used newspapers for my aviary, but I decided to make a change after getting tired of situating them a certain way in the cage and unfolding out the creases to make them flat. I came across these liners, and they are just perfect! They come rolled up in a box, but they flatten after a day or so with some books stacked on top. I can stack about a weeks work in the cage, which makes clean up much quicker and easier.

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