Brilliant Child Toothbrush by Baby Buddy - For Ages 2+ Years, BPA Free Super-Fine Micro Bristles Clean All-Around Mouth, Kids Love Them, Red, 3 Count 03576RD

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Turn brushing teeth with your child into a positive experience after every meal and at bedtime with Baby Buddy's Brilliant Child Toothbrush of the Brilliant Oral Care System. The program guides you with innovative oral care products that grow with your child from birth. Starting from the Foundations and through Teething & Budding, the products are designed to take care of budding baby teeth with state of the art, safe and soft products that children love to chew on. During Teeth Eruption & Development, the program progresses to distinctive toothbrushes for ages 4 months to 5 years that easily clean those hard-to-reach places where food and plaque can build up and cause cavities and other oral problems. The Brilliant Toothbrush revolutionizes the industry with its innovative design featuring bristles 360 degrees around the toothbrush head that are devised specifically for your child’s tender teeth and gums. Over 14,000 short but highly elastic bristles gently massage gums and effectively clean the cheek and gums. And because of its unique design, brushing is always at a 45 degree angle, allowing parents to train kids, juniors, and pre-teens to brush teeth, tongue, and gums without needing to twist their wrist. This unique patented design can be used with water only to clean teeth to help remove harmful bacteria and sugar buildup that typically causes tooth decay. Developed in partnership with the Osaka University Infant Dental Clinic, the Brilliant Toothbrush effectively removes almost twice as much plaque as conventional, one-sided toothbrushes, when brushing for 2 minutes. The Brilliant Toothbrush has been sized with 2-5 year olds in mind. Give your child the gift of a lifetime of good oral care habits with the innovative Brilliant Toothbrush. Whether you are looking for a kids toothbrush, toddler toothbrush, or a baby toothbrush that your child will want to use, Brilliant Child Toothbrush with 360 degree bristles is comfortable and effective for use with your child, making brush time fun for all! Check out our other Baby Buddy products because Every Baby Needs a Buddy.

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Michelle Tucker
December 4, 2015
I really loved this toothbrush until last night. We were supervising our 2 year old while he was using this toothbrush, and noticed him gagging. We then witnessed him choking after the toothbrush was taken out of his mouth, and a large piece of the bristles (in a round shape) flew out of his mouth!!! This toothbrush will fall apart if chewed on apparently. Please be careful with these! Always supervise your child. I will be sending a email to the creators of this product asap!

Update: The company contacted me back and said that maybe I had the product too long and that caused it to break down. I gave these toothbrushes another chance. WHAT A MISTAKE. My son ONCE AGAIN choked on a piece of this toothbrush that came apart in his mouth. I had to stick my finger into his mouth and scrape it off of his tonsil. I was horrified and he was so scared. This product should be recalled immediately. I had the toothbrush less than a week after this time. I will never use these again. I urge parents to pay close attention to these toothbrushes and the RISK OF CHOKING they cause.
Doting Mommie
December 23, 2017
I really wanted to like this brush and initially I did. I have a 2 year-old who doesn't like when I go in and finish brushing his teeth. I loved that it was a 360 brush and would hit every angle regardless if I was brushing or he was brushing. Also, the bristles were soft and didn't irritate his gums. However, I noticed, rings of the bristles on the floor after only a couple of weeks. I then realized, that my toddler had spit them out after they fell out in his mouth. Thank goodness he didn't choke on them! I then looked at the brush and the plastic on the top was breaking off and almost all the bristle rings where starting to dismantle. This was very disappointing and scary. Great concept but not suitable for toddlers. Serious choking hazard.
March 10, 2016
The bristles are fine, and really help clean the teeth and the mouth. It's not just the shape of the toothbrush that makes it more effective, but the special bristles that make it unique. I bought one for my kid, and I will be buying one for myself, too. I just wish the price was lower.

Update: Due to the denseness of the bristles packed together, it harbors mold. It needs to be soaked in hydrogen peroxide or bleach to kill the mold. And soaked overnight, because just rinsing it in bleach will not kill the mold.
September 16, 2017
Great toothbrush for my toddler that hates brushing his teeth. We have been using it for a couple months and it has held up great.
One star I took off for it being pricey. I don't see why this toothbrush should be $10! Another for the first toothbrush I purchased I recieved with the package open so I didn't use it. But what really bothered me once I recieved the replacement was the difference in the bristles. The first toothbrush had bristles that were really hard (too hard!) and the second were soft. Same toothbrush! So I don't think I will order it again since I may get a toothbruah I can't use.
January 8, 2018
This is great reaches spots automatically where I hold have to help my two year old with standard brush . Love it . At first my son did not want to use it but after a try or two he was fine . He bites this very hard and I havenu2019t had any bristles fall off . The bristles do bend a little from biting when Iu2019m washing it I just rub them back into place no effort really needed.
NJ Mom
August 19, 2018
This toothbrush is a dream come true. Our 2.5yo daughter normally lets us brush her top teeth but blocks us from the bottoms. Not anymore! While brushing the top we are ALSO brushing the bottoms! Itu2019s also easy to brush the sides of her molars by putting the toothbrush in her mouth along her cheek. And no more trying to line up a tiny toothbrush with her teeth when we have zero visibility. The bristles are soft and you canu2019t miss.

I only wish there was a way to lay the brush down without the 360 bristles touching the countertop.
Jessica B.
August 17, 2018
Seeing this product in my reviews reminds me I need to buy more of these. They are great! if you have a child that doesn't like getting their teeth brushed this is the best. Its got bristles 360 degrees around so you can brush the top and bottom teeth simultaneously without having to angle the brush in a specific direction. It's definitely worth the extra money.
September 6, 2018
LOVE IT!!! My 2 yo doesn't brush his teeth be himself and doesn't let me do that. Instead he just chewing the toothbrush very hard. With this toothbrush even though he chew and bite it hard it does the job! Really love the idea of this baby toothbrush. The only cons I see is the price. It should cost not more than $5. Anyway, 5 stars!

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