Cage Catcher Paper Liner 23 x 23 Cage Catchers

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Changing your bird's cage tray has never been quicker or easier! These non-absorbent, waxed paper liners were designed to store a week's supply in the bottom tray of most cages and swiftly remove one each day, speeding up cleaning. 150 Count.

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May 7, 2015
Update: 4/9/2016: Record cleaning time: 5 seconds. (I now time myself to see how fast I can clean his cage.)
My little eclectus parrot is just over a year old now.
I'm convinced if all parrot owners used
Laura M-S
January 29, 2015
They work great, too bad they are not exactly the size I need. I also wish they would have come in a flat box instead of folded and creased in a box too small.
Tiffany Deaver
February 5, 2017
A must have for bird owners!
Yuriy Frenkel
April 27, 2013
This cage liner helps to keep cages clean. Could be packaged a little be better, but with this item it is not that simple.
Dawn E. Thomas
September 7, 2015
Awesome liners, use less because of the coating, fits perfectly

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