Clarion RCB 204 OEM Bluetooth Microphone Clarion Mobile Electronics

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Product Description

  • Replacement Wired Bluetooth Microphone
  • Designed specifically for use with select Clarion Receivers
  • Offers a wired solution for Bluetooth microphones
  • Allows the user to mount the microphone in desired location
  • Microphone mount includes a clip for attaching to a visor or panel

Replacement Wired Bluetooth Microphone. Designed specifically for use with select Receivers. Can also be used as a universal microphone on devices with the same connection.

Customer reviews(9)

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September 15, 2018
I have an older Kenwood stereo and I got a lot of complaints about not being able to be heard with the old MIC, which was not Kenwood brand. This MIC works really great, voice can be heard clearly.
Jose C. Alvarado
November 16, 2015
The sound quality of my voice when on a call isn't great. Sometimes cuts out. But overall still does what I need it to.
January 6, 2017
haven't installed it yet put I'm sure it will do the trick on my nz503
August 29, 2012
This microphone does not improve the almost non-existant voice capability of the Clarion Bluetooth on my CZ500. And Clarion provides no technical support what so ever on their web site.

Clarion's lack of support of stereo's older than two years is just the example of why to stay away from their product line. I have a Clarion CZ500 that was manufactured in April 2010 according to the Stereo Unit data sticker. Clarion no longer provides downloads or customer support for this product. At $235.00 that is unacceptable in my book. For what they charge for their stereos they should provide multi-year support.

Stay clear of Clarion; even if it is on sale. It will only cost you in the long run.
January 2, 2017
This worked great. The microphone in the radio wouldn't pick up my voice very well and everyone either couldn't hear me or said I sounded like I was far away in a cave. The hands free Bluetooth hook up to the radio was one of the main reasons I installed a different radio and also to upgrade the sound quality. The Clarion RCB 204 had high ratings and made for my Clarion deck so I paid a few bucks more for this vs. an off brand microphone. Highly recommend this everyone says I sound like I'm on a regular phone, if we can identify what a regular phonies now days...LOL
I ran the wire along the front windshield trim and clipped onto my visor, works awesome..
October 24, 2015
i was using the built in mic on my nx702 but no one could ever hear what i was saying. So i decided to go with the external mic and i'm glad i did. The installer put it right where the headliner and front window meet. People say I come in loud and clear
March 30, 2018
Can't tell if I'm on my iphone or this mike.
Grace R.
January 29, 2012
This did little, if anything to improved the voice quality of the blue tooth that was built into the car radio to begin with,which was specifically why I bought it. It was not worth the money.

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