.com Gift Card in a Santa Tin (Ho! Ho! Ho! Card Design) VariableDenomination

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Design Name:Ho! Ho! Ho!

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Product Description

  • Gift Card is nested inside a specialty gift box
  • Gift Card has no fees and no expiration date
  • No returns and no refunds on Gift Cards
  • Gift amount may not be printed on Gift Cards
  • To check the amount loaded on your Gift Card, please visit Amazon.com/yourorders
  • Gift Card is redeemable towards millions of items storewide at Amazon.com
  • Scan and redeem any Gift Card with a mobile or tablet device via the Amazon App
  • Free One-Day Shipping (where available)

.com are the perfect way to give them exactly what they're hoping for - even if you don't know what it is. .com are redeemable for millions of items across .com. Item delivered is a single physical .com Gift Card nested inside or with a free gift accessory.

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David Nash
July 22, 2016
I would give these gift cards six stars if they offered more than five. For many years my wife and I agonized over every gift-giving occasion, but especially Christmas. We shopped til we dropped- went to toy stores, department stores, and all of the specialty stores, and even small boutiques, trying to find the perfect gifts for those on our gift lists. We did the "Black Friday" events, and were up at the crack of dawn, to do so. We then wrapped and sent these hand selected gifts all over the country to the recipients. Then came an epiphany- we sent out Amazon gift cards in lieu of all the craziness that we had done for years. Holy Cow, it's nice to join the 21st century! Everyone LOVED them! Everything FIT- no need to return or exchange! Christmas is no longer a stressful ordeal for us. It is a season that has actually changed for the better- no exaggeration!
December 8, 2016
December 22, 2016
My dad returns EVERYTHING. Even if he asked for it or needed it, there will be some random reason why the item has to go back to the store. So what I did this year was got him an amazon gift cared! Wahaha Now he can’t return a thing! His father’s day gift is still on his living room floor so I was a bit annoyed with buy gifts this season. This way he can get whatever his heart desires and I don’t have to see the presents I get him stack up to be returned. I also got my sister one since she is a starving college student on a very limited income this is the best way for her to get what she needs and wants. I plan on taking her shopping for some other stuff after Christmas but this is a great way for her to get the items she needs around the house.
Why don’t more people do gift cards?! It’s a better way to go if you want to make sure the person can truly use and need the gift.
December 13, 2016
Product was shipped with no damages and packaging is very cute, however I ordered two sets in different amounts (not $50 and not $100) and there is no way to differentiate between the two without peeling the claim code off and no way for the recipient to tell how much the gift card is for. If buying in multiples, I recommend only buying in the same denomination unless Amazon can print the amount on each card mailed.
October 14, 2014
Cute tin! I had it sent to me instead of its recipient and it was a little dented when it arrived, however I'm perfectly content to blame the company that was responsible for delivering it - Lasership - rather than Amazon for that. (Not to go off on too large of a tangent, but Lasership has a disturbing tendency to "sort [our] box onto the wrong truck" for a few days straight, mis-deliver, and outright lose our packages from Amazon. We do a lot of business with Amazon, and I truly wish they'd stop using the company! ) The dent wasn't too bad and the free shipping and cute tin are nice touches, so not too large of a complaint. No one really cares about the box anyway, right? Might just want to have it delivered to yourself to make sure there's no issues before you give it to your intended recipient.
Brad B
April 18, 2014
I've purchase many gift cards in my life before, best buy, home depot, subway...but I have to say, this is probably one of the most impressive gift cards I've ever bought. This thing came with $50 on it, and the best part is the person I gave it to used it to buy something for $50. I couldn't believe how easy it was. It's not everyday you come across a gift card that has such high quality. Don't even get me started on the Santa suit tin it came in...That thing is out of this world!!! It seals tight, and the details on it really make it pop. Amazon, you have out done yourselves again. I will be purchasing many more of these, who knows, maybe I'll live on the edge a little and get a $100 gift card.

I would recommend this to anyone...family, friends, kids, neighbors, policeman, doctors, nuns, teachers, lawyers...It's perfect for everyone!
A. Workman
April 15, 2017
I am usually the one who has to make all of the birthday gift purchases for my family and friends. I am fortunate that everyone enjoys receiving an Amazon gift card. These gift cards are hassle free (at least by my standards) and enjoyed by all who receive them. I will be purchasing many more in the future without hesitation.
Janis Holt
January 14, 2014
It was a gift for my 87 year old mother. She tied to load it to her account, but couldn't do it. I got on her computer and tried the directions on the back of the card. It didn't work, and wasn't clear why not. I called an 877 number she has on her Kindle. The purpose of the gift was for her to order books. When my call went through, it was a gentleman from a foreign country, and he did not speak clear English. The call took 45 minuets, and was very frustrating. I finally asked if he could just load the card for me. I gave him the code on the back of the card. In time, he finally did load it for me. I have no idea why you hire someone who clearly doesn't speak proper English. You're not the only company who does this. Aren't there any Americans who need this job, and speak clear English? If you can tell me why I ordered this gift so easily, but had a horrible experience getting it loaded to my Mom's account, I would love to hear it. If I didn't have $75.00 on the line, I would have hung up on him! I've always had good experiences with Amazon, but yesterday has certainly made me wonder why I had to deal with someone who clearly can't speak proper English, and what would happen if I have to call again.

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