Deb Moffett-Hall's Endless Loom, Weave Bracelets with no Warp Ends to Tie Off, 1 Kit Beadsmith EL01

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The Deb Moffett-Hall's Endless Loom is a handy alternative to standard looms. Unlike other looms the Endless Loom has no warp ends to tie off and is simple to assemble and easy-to-use. Customize the loom's size to create stretch, clasp, and wrap-style bracelets up to 9 inches long and 3.5 inches wide. Smooth and lightweight wooden loom parts. Each Kit Includes: Loom End Bars, Loom Sizing Rods: 5 Bracelet Sets and 1 Ornament Set, Easement / Tension Rods for Different Bead Sizes and Shapes, Latex-free Elastic Bands for Quick Loom Assembly, Durable Roll-up Case with Convenient Storage, Detailed Instructions.

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A. R.
December 5, 2016
I'd give this 4-1/2 stars if I could. There are a few minor issues that keep me from giving it 5 stars, but this product has made me willing to do bead looming again. After using both the Jewel (Beadsmith) loom and the Clover Loom for beaded bracelets that were up to 21 beads wide -- meaning two sets of 22 warp threads to weave in (at both ends), I gave up on those. I then tried the Ricks beading loom, which promises only 4 warp threads to weave in, but doesn't work because the metal rods around which you wrap the warp thread are too thin and curve inward when you try to have tight tension, and which results in uneven tension among the individual warp threads. This also makes it difficult to keep the beads in place as you add each row, as well as trying to maintain the correct spacing between the beads.

The Endless Loom gets rid of all these problems. The way you start is to make two starter pieces of beadwork, off-loom, by weaving a couple of rows of square stitch and then attaching each piece to one half of the clasp (such as a tube slide-lock clasp). You then put the clasp together (that is, you close it to attach the two off-loomed pieces). You put the clasp assembly on the loom and then wrap the warp thread around the loom, and each time you get to the bit of beadwork you stitch through a bead on the end row to create a warp, and you keep going until all your individual warps are attached to the beads. (This sounds more complicated than it is; watch the video on YouTube from Beadaholique or Artbeads, and it'll make more sense.). By stitching through the beads to create the warps, you can control the tension. Also, this enables you to have the right amount of spacing of the warps between the beads, even when the beads are different sizes. I made a bracelet with 3mm cube beads and 4mm glass pearl beads in each row, the first time I've ever used mixed bead sizes.

The two minor issues are the width of the loom (limits you to about a 3-1/2
Dona B. Mathis
May 23, 2017
So far, I've used it only once but it was super easy and fast. I made an ornament.Ordinarily I would have used the peyote stitch, adding one bead at a time. This way I get to add an entire row just about as fast as the single bead. Getting it set up was a little bit of a chore but once it's together it's a breeze. Wonderful that there are no warp threads to weave!
My next project will be using a clasp and making a bracelet. This unit is destined to be in use a lot from now on!
March 24, 2017
I really wanted an easily transported loom and this is great for that. The case keeps it all together and the quality is good. Unfortunately you have to start with the clasp and I don't like doing that so I returned it, hence only 4 stars. I guess I should have checked into how it works before ordering.
John Butler
May 2, 2017
Buyer Beware! I was so excited to get this loom and thought the one warp concept was a brilliant idea. That being said I was very disappointed with this loom. I read all the instructions and watched all the videos and it was still a major pain to set up the warp. Once that was finally completed the actual weaving part was worse. Even with all the helpful tips, maintaining the proper tension was impossible. The one bracelet I made has to manually be fixed due to the uneven tension. The weft or working thread continually gets snagged on the little wooden nubs and tension bar. There is barely any actual work surface and only one or two fingers can fit under the work piece. This is the most money I've ever spent on a loom and after making one piece I went back to my inexpensive wire loom which works like a charm. I'd rather deal with 100 warp threads to end off a piece than to ever use this loom again. I work with 11/0 seed beads and delicas so maybe weavers using large beads will do better with this than I did. This is the first time my bead money has gone to waste. Feeling cheated.
June 23, 2017
Works well but wish it had a 1
Amazon Customer
October 6, 2017
Love it. Have a Rick's loom -- the most difficult thing in the world to use -- would prefer to deal with all the warp threads any day instead of using this loom. Until now! This loom is perfect if you're going to be using a clasp. Very easy to use.
Whidbey Mary
May 13, 2018
Very clever loom. I had trouble achieving the appropriate tension - was too tight. By the third bracelet I figured it out. Starting the bracelet with the closure on it took some practice as well. All in all, despite the closure starting, I found this took much less time from start to finish than having to hide all of those ends when working one if my regular looms.
February 5, 2018
As usual, Deb Moffett-Hall has provided the bead world with yet another wonderful beadie thing for our pleasure! It is such a fabulous idea, and I can see myself using it often. One star removed because in my opinion Deb left out one important size, the next size down. (Cannot remember specifically right now which one - maybe 6.5 or 7?) Anyway, no matter, easily remedied

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