Detail King Pink Power Automotive Interior Cleaner 32 Oz

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Size:1 Gal


Product Description

  • The more of this product you have on hand, the better!! It is AMAZING how clean and refreshed your interior will look when you use Pink Power! Hands down the most effective interior cleaner you will try!!
  • Pink Power is the best auto interior cleaner because it contains optical brighteners that rejuvenate interior vinyl and plastic.
  • Features non-caustic cleaners with optical brighteners to enhance the fabric fiber color while breaking down dirt and grime

Pink Power is one of the best car interior vinyl cleaner products and does a great job cleaning vinyl dash boards, center consoles, door components, steering wheels, vinyl headliners and practically all car interior components. This product features non caustic cleaners with optical brighteners to enhance the vinyl color while easily removing and breaking down the dirt and grime. If you are looking for a great interior vinyl cleaner for car interiors this product wins all detailing contests hands down!

Customer reviews(18)

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July 4, 2018
I use this with a soft brush to clean my entire car interior. Then take a wet cloth over it otherwise leaves streaks. The interior of my car looks brand new!
O. Dodge Jr.
July 31, 2018
Pink Power cleaner works very well.
Just might be the very best that I've ever tried.
Donna Doss
August 18, 2018
Worked great to clean up my dash and interior door panels. A little goes a long way.
Joshua Soto
February 14, 2018
Great product, best if used with water. Even then it is too strong scented. I needed to buy saftey googles just to use it. If I inhale by accident it hurts my lungs & nostrils. The scent isn’t all the good either but good thing I have my own scented spray
September 14, 2017
this product got all the tough marks off the plastic part of my doors. It also worked better than the leather cleaner on my seats and dash! highly recommend!. Have not used on carpet yet!
Ernest Jones
October 29, 2015
Absolut quality product and if performed above expectation. People who witnessed before and after had the highest praise and disbelief.
Avid Readers
February 14, 2017
I used this on the car and on the chairs in the house. It works very well and leaves a nice shine.
August 29, 2017
The best vinyl and plastic cleaner. It really brings the natural colors back out in the dash and door panels!

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