Dr. Who Sonic Screwdriver - 10th Doctor - 50th Anniversary Ltd Edition with Lights & Sounds (05450) Barnes & Noble

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Product Description

  • Doctor Who 10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver - Limited Edition 50th Anniversary
  • Tenth Doctor David Tennant - featuring colors from the episode
  • Fully functional with Beige Handle and Yellow Wire
  • Limited run, this will not be available for long!
  • Blue light and official doctor who sound effects!

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver - 10th Doctor - Limited Edition 50th Anniversary with Special Colors - Day of the Doctor
Take this opportunity to get your hands on a limited edition 10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver!
This special 50th Anniversary Edition will not be around for long. Lights up blue just like the original with sound effects from the episode! Pick one up today -
Length Extended:8 3/4 Inches Long
Length Retracted: 7 Inches
Width:Just about an inch

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