Dremel EZ407SA EZ Drum Sanding Band and Mandrel

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Product Description

  • Provides a quicker and easier alternative to using a traditional sanding mandrel
  • Allows for flat sanding and edge sanding
  • Compatible with all Dremel rotary tools
  • Compatible with all Dremel 1/2-Inch sanding bands (408, 432, 445)

The EZ Drum mandrel makes sanding band changes easy as PULL - PLACE - SECURE. The one-piece mandrel design simplifies the process of changing sanding bands and makes it easy to sand flat surfaces and edges.

Customer reviews(96)

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March 7, 2017
I must be doing it wrong. I use these little 1/2 in sanding rings for a lot of finishing work. when I came across this, which purportedly sports a locking mechanism for easy changing of abrasive rings I was pretty excited. Long gone would be the days of fiddling with that tiny retention screw and then struggling to get the old ring off... It is true, its easier to get the rings on and off and its true there is no more screw just the snapping mechanism with the collar. Whats also true is that this doesn't hold the sanding bands nearly as well as the old style drums did/do... so they fly off mid use all the time. this is distressing to me.
Consumer Advocate
December 4, 2013
Worked fine for about 6 times and then would not lock the sanding disc anymore. I had to wrap the blue wheel with duct tape to increase the diameter to make it work. It still would not grip the disc after a while. Needs a better gripping wheel.
August 19, 2016
Sadly, this was a great idea that doesn't work so great. Don't waste your money, or at the very least just send it to me. The concept of a quick change is why I bought it, however, the only thing that changed quickly was the sanding band moving back and forth on the drum because the drum will not solidly hold the band. I would return it but the shipping is more than the return refund.
April 27, 2014
Great for dogs nails. Take a tiny bit off at a time. If you're hesitant to use it you can return it. I have four dogs that get groomed regularly. This is just used to knock the very tip of their nails off every two weeks or so. Not that you have to be but I'm a licensed nail tech. Just be aware that this is a powerful drill with the sander on it. And that pressure causes heat which causes pain. Be careful. This is powerful enough to knock down acrylic nails quickly. It's even faster on natural nails.
May 18, 2017
I needed a quick change sanding band and this works by making sure the tool is firmly in place and then grabbing the sanding band, pulling with a yank and the sanding band is put into a easily removable position. take the old band, discard then put on the new band, push down on the drum and the sanding band is ready for use.
May 4, 2016
I wish mine worked like the 5 star reviews, but unfortunately it performs like the 1 star reviews. Sanding band almost came off when I turned on the tool. Just slid up and down when I tried to use it. I'd return it but I already threw out the box (because I didn't take the 1 star reviews seriously).
Big Giant Head
December 31, 2016
As others have said, it does not hold the sanding drum in place, constantly slipping off. Even using dremel branded sanding drums.

If only it worked as intended, it would have been great.
February 25, 2017
This is a great innovation. Changing sanding bands has always been a real pain. Now it is pretty easy and I don't shudder when it is time to change them.

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