Dry Brushing Body Brush - Cellulite Massager Best for Get Rid of Cellulite, Glowing Skin, Dry Skin Exfoliating, Improves Lymphatic & Stimulates Blood Functions, with Massage Nodes & Natural Bristles Comfy Mate

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Amazon Customer
January 23, 2017
Good brushes. I have just started dry brushing and I am thoroughly impressed with the results. I like the little face brush and the angled body brush. The long handled brush has been tricky. I cannot get the brush head to stay anchored onto the handle for very long. It is a bit annoying to keep putting the brush back together.
April 12, 2017
Very nice. I was worried they'd be really hard and I'd have to get used to them, but, while they are firm, it doesn't hurt to use them. I've been told by many people that these are just the greatest, so I'm hoping to notice long-term benefits. For now, it feels kind of nice to brush my skin before getting in the shower, so if nothing else, I like them for that.
June 5, 2017
I love the softness of the bristles; I thought it might be too rough on my skin, but it's surprisingly pleasant. I mostly use the medium brush right now but like the other 2 brush options. I watched a video online to ensure I was brushing in the correct direction for my lymphatic system. The price was decent for the set. If you're on the fence about trying dry skin brushing, I'd say try it. You might be pleasantly surprised like I was.
July 14, 2017
LOVE my body brushes !!! I use these all the time and have been using them for 5 months now. The items are still like new. The bristles are still full and strong. Just make sure to gently wash once a week with warm water and a gentle cleanser and be SURE to dry quickly-ish
I place them in front of my desk fan.
Mrs Collins
September 26, 2018
It's wonderful for large areas of the body like the legs and chest. But it's awkward to do the neck as specified in the instructions because the brush is too big. I kept banging my collarbone with the wooden rim of the brush. The nubbies are like long erasers that come in twist up mechanical pencils and they don't slide easily. That makes me feel like I need an oil or to cut them all off so that I have just bristles. It was worth a try though since I'm new at this. And will probably get a smaller one for the neck area.
J. White
September 19, 2017
A good set of brushes! Nice wooden handles with a good finish. The bristles are stiff but still soft. I use them for dry brushing my skin and they work perfectly. They arrived on time and the packaging is very nice. I recommend purchasing.
September 5, 2018
I was skeptical about using a dry brush, but this is very well made and it works. Iu2019ve been using it every morning for about a week before I go into the shower. Itu2019s invigorating, my skin is softer and it has good surface area. Iu2019m giving it 4 stars because there are similar brushes that are cheaper and because it doesnu2019t come with a case. Other brushes come with a little sack for travel. Very happy with my purchase, though. Not sure about the little rubber balls on the brush or whether it does anything about cellulite, but as a dry brush, it works.
Amazon Customer
May 19, 2017
Not the softest body brushes I have used, but it was a great price for what you get. I find it a little rough, but I have sensitive skin and might still be getting used to dry brushing. Have not noticed any difference in my skin, though. I'm a little picky.

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