Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick 'n Play Piano Gym, Pink FVY58

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Style:Gender Neutral (Frustration Free Packaging)


Style:Pink (Frustration Free Packaging)

Kick play time up a notch with this deluxe gym featuring five light-up piano keys, a repositionable toy arch, and four musical settings that keep your little one rocking out for years. As your baby grows from lay and play to tummy time to sitting up at the piano, you can change up the music and learning, too. Smart  Stages  technology  lets  you  change  the  learning  content  to  best  fit  your  baby's  age  and  stage,  while  real  piano  notes  encourage  your  little  Mozart  to  create  a  tune  of  their  own.  You can even detach the keyboard for musical fun on the go. Where development comes into play Sensory: Lots of bright colors, a variety of textures, and all those exciting songs, sounds and phrases stimulate and engage your baby's developing senses. Gross Motor: With all that kicking, reaching, and pushing up, those little muscles are getting ready for big things. Curiosity & Wonder: Rewarding activities like pushing on the piano keys and hearing fun tunes will keep your baby coming back to this gym again and again. Early Academics: As your little active learner kicks and plays away, they'll hear phrases and songs that reinforce what they see, introducing them to colors, shapes, numbers and animals.

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Brooke Joseph
April 15, 2018
My 3 month-old daughter has grown to LOVE this piano mat! She was only 2 months when we first tried it out and she was stimulated by the hanging toys, but now she can lay there for 20-30 minutes just kicking away! She is teething so she tries to bring the toys to her mouth. I like that I can hang lots of different toys to mix it up, and the songs are ADORABLE! I find myself singing along and they will always be apart of these precious moments and memories with our baby. I can already see that she will love this when she can sit up too! GREAT PRODUCT Fisher-Price
August 7, 2018
We got this for our daughter who loves to kick and loves lights! She was born with very complicated eye issues and the lights and music have been able to help her have fun and learn. The best is that the piano can be tilted and or removed and used when she starts to sit up. I LOVE that the toy holder bar can be manipulated to different areas and still be really sturdy. The big downfall for us is how narrow the mat is and because she doesn't enjoy tummy time that much and likes to roll over/lay on her sides, the plastic holders obviously aren't soft. We end up having to wrap the sides with a blanket which still feels uncomfortable. After using the piano nonstop everyday and all day long for 3 months, I finally replaced the 3-AA batteries. The toys are very fun for her to play with but a bit out of reach cause she is a 10lb -6 month old baby, but adding a few extra rings does the trick.

***Update: 9-22-18***
The lights!! The lights! I've replaced batteries twice since getting it in June! Thank goodness for rechargeable batteries. We do use it everyday, probably for about 1-2 hours. The lights however are now starting to look more dim, the yellow and blue don't even light up anymore after the first 10 seconds. Pretty sad since my daughter loves this piano! The major selling point was the detachable light up piano to use in the future. I
May 14, 2018
I tested this Play Piano and Gym out to make sure it worked fine. It operated great so much that I put it back into the box and I had it lying on a flat surface and my cat got on top of the box and kept pressing it with her paw to play the keys on the piano. This is such a great play gym. and the piano comes off to play without the mat. The mat is washable and the little toys and mirror holds the baby interest for a while. Great interacting and learning gym and nice size for the little one. The toys and side brackets are hard plastic just sturdy enough.It does sing song from the piano and the have numbers and animals printed on them, It is easy to pack up and take with too!
Steph C.
April 13, 2018
My 2 month old daughter seems to enjoy this activity mat. After a couple sessions, she was able to focus on it and become engage. The songs are sweet and cute. I find myself singing along too. The mat is semi-cushioned. Very happy with this product and it can easily grow with her.
August 29, 2018
Azeria Buening
July 28, 2018
This kid loves kicking and needs constant stimulation, and this gym is AWESOME. It was super easy to put together, about five parts that click together and can be screwed together for durability. The piano comes with batteries already in it which is good if your baby is watching you put the thing together with a crazed interested look in his eye. The best part is that the songs on The piano are actually really good! Yeah, I hate baby toy noises they are annoying and shrill but nah, thereu2019s a bunch of different ones and theyu2019re all pretty catchy. All in all, buy this for your baby so you can brush your teeth and load the dishwasher. Worth every penny.
Buddha Barista
August 26, 2018
My daughter loves this! Originally bought this for tummy time but use it more as a play center. She can spend 20-30 minutes at a time looking at the toys hanging from the activity bar while kicking the keys. Settings can be changed from song to music notes, which she seems to enjoy. Itu2019s beautiful to see her so happy.
August 23, 2018
Love it!! Bought it for my 3 month old. As soon as I seen she started to be interested in objects and kicking her feet like crazy I started looking for toys that would engage her. She totally loves this play mat. It catches her attention with all the colors . Also the music on this thing is not annoying at all I actually enjoy singing along with it to her. I would definitely recommend. Easy assembly.

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