Garwarm 71x 59inches Extra Large Baby Crawling Mat Baby Play Mat Game Mat,0.2-Inch Thick (US STORE)

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Color:Letters and Monopoly


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August 2, 2017
We got the monopoly one. The play mat is about 6 feet by 4 feet in size with a foam type soft material. Don't know if it has enough padding for hardwood floors, but it works great for our carpet flooring. Took off one star because it came folded and has creases. So the play mat doesn't lie flat, and I almost tripped over it. The manufacturers need to ship this item rolled.
Took off another star because not all the alphabets are there. In my opinion that is essential to be able to use this as a learning tool
0Kay Amazonnnnn
November 2, 2016

Never received my refund :( I dropped it off at staples ups center.

It's nice but for some reason.. When u lay on it, or even stand on it.. after a minute or so, u get kind of sweaty. Not sure if it's because the material isn't breathable. It's kind of like foam but softer. Kept it anyway.. but I wish it had the material like yoga matts
August 18, 2017
CAUTION. This 0.2 inch think plastic covered thin foam mat is NOT AT ALL a infant play mat or safety mat on a TILE or HARDWOOD floor. It does not stay flat like a thin yoga mat. (It's not rubber mat). Easy to TRIP over by kids and adults. Top plastic tears and peels so easy I can not think ANY proper use for this. I guess most comments here are based on first day impression, huge nice colorful mat for mare 25bucks.
March 15, 2017
Came with a tear already in it. 2 days after putting it down it tore more simply by my kid crawling on it. Not a sturdy material at all. After tearing several times and my kid trying to eat the material that was tearing off (choking hazzard) I just picked it up and threw it away. Bummer, I was so excited for this product.
creative girl
June 12, 2018
We have wood floors and even with an area rug and pad they are hard for little ones. I got this for a new baby grandchild and am so happy with it. The dense foam is great and I can actually be semi comfortable down there with her. Great price and highly recommend. Her big brothers (who don't sit much) enjoy it.
September 18, 2017
It's a colorful carpet for the lil ones. Though I personally feel it's not thick enough to be used on bare floor, we've used it on top of our carpet and it works well.
The packing can be done better, it came folded like a bedsheet and hence had all the fold marks.
November 16, 2017
After a short time period, the mat began to show wear and tear as if the thin layer of decorative lettering was peeling off. I had to throw it away so my son would not eat the falling pieces.
August 7, 2017
Bought this so my 6 month old could practice crawling on something softer than our hardwood floors. LOVE IT! Both my kids like to get down and play on it, they like the bright colors and fun pictures.

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