Handsocks Plushy Stay On Strap-Free No-Scratch & Warmth Baby & Kid Mittens (Small (0-6 Months), Felix(Grey/Foxes))

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:Large (Toddler 18+ Months)

Color:Elodie (Grey Chevron)


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marlene king
October 2, 2018
These handsocks were ordered for our grandson after his palette surgery. He came home from the hospital with hospital mittens which he tried to get off all the way home. These handsocks fit perfectly (size 6-12 months) for a small 15 month-old; and he was comfortable with them as soon as they were put on. He wore them all day with the mitt part pulled back and the fingers covered for naps and at night. We didn't have a problem with him trying to stick his fingers in his mouth, but if he had, these handsocks would have prevented that. When I sent one pair (of two purchased) back because they were not needed, my refund was processed promptly and I received an email from the seller asking if there was some issue the company could address. I assured them their product was great and that I would reorder in the future, if needed.
May 2, 2018
I bought these because my 5 month old was discharged from the hospital and needs a nasogastric tube for feeding. These work perfect to keep him from ripping his tube out! The part that covers the hands are super soft, no worrying about scratching his face. I got the 6-12 month size so they might be slightly too big, I just have to pull them up on the arms when they start to get loose. For the most part they stay on very well though! I also love how you can fold the mit over and allow the hands to be out without having to take the whole thing off. Depending on how long we need this tube for I would consider purchasing another pair. I highly recommend these! I will continue to recommend these for any infant needing a feeding tube.
Ashley Reeves
July 6, 2018
Our daughter has Symbrachydactyly, her hand did not completely form due to a blood clot. She actually has a partial palm and nubbins, her bones are slightly different in structure. We have been so worried about how she will function, but she surprised us all. When she turned 5 months she began to full on crawl which made her
December 13, 2017
Love these! My three month old daughter has eczema and we were using the elastic newborn gloves on her. One night, she got them off and I woke up to a crying, bloody baby. That night I did my research and ordered a fee different gloves to test. These were by far my favorite-- my husband also loves them. No Velcro or ties which worries him on other models because he did not want Velcro or tie on other models too tight, it was a big worry for him. With these they are safe, easy to put on, and stay put all night. They're also cute and oh-so-soft.
Jack's Momma
August 25, 2018
We bought these for our four (now five) month old. He has eczema and was scratching his head constantly despite us being u2018on top of itu2019.
The car seat was where he did his best work. :/

I debated buying the Scratch Sleeves product, but after reading reviews, decided to try these first.

They wash well. I line dry them only.
My son is very, very chubby with several arm rolls. 98%ile for height and weight.
The 6-12 month size fits well and I feel like he will be able to wear them for quite awhile.
The sleeve material isnu2019t the softest, but I donu2019t mind because he doesnu2019t seem to care. The sleeves donu2019t irritate his delicate skin.
The mitts are super soft and he loves rubbing them on his face!
June 25, 2018
My daughter was getting out of here swaddle and scratching her face in the middle of the night. I ordered a few different mitts because I was afraid she would get them off. These were definitely the softest and most anti scratch. They didn't stay on her though. The sleeves went past he elbows but somehow she managed to get them off. They are so incredibly soft though!
Dawn Ambuehl-Sadek
December 19, 2017
Overall, Iu2019m happy with these. My baby is 3 months old. I purchased the 0-6 month size. At this size now, he can wiggle them off, though not as easily as your standard mittens. Because theyu2019re so long, even if he wiggles his hand down, the sock part still covers his fingernails to prevent him from scratching. Also, they donu2019t get u201clostu201d as easily as standard baby mittens. These are definitely better than the Velcro mitts, too.
Carolina Elfeky
July 1, 2018
After an outbreak of eczema at 5 months old, our baby girl kept scratching her face (now a little over 6 months old). It's a vicious cycle, the eczema itches, she scratches, it worsens the eczema, it itches more, she scratches more. We were using baby mittens and socks which she quickly learned how to pull off. I saw these and got them, the sleeves aren't too tight. I got the 12month old size. The mittens are soft and can fold back to expose the hands. So far so good.

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