How & When to Sue Your Lawyer: What You Need to Know Paperback – April 15, 2005 Robert W. Schachner John Phillips Square One 0757000436

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Certified Trainin Agency
February 22, 2013
the book is excellent in telling you what your attorney
should be doing for your case to win it. It has check list
of what you need to know about case and your attorney
not all attorney are good at what they do. I had several
bad attorney in the pass and they were disbared for bad
things they did in other cases . The book how to sue your
lawyer give you information about the law that you should
know and question to ask the attorney. in your lifetime you
will be involved in some legal action good or bad. You
to know the lawyer working for you. John Hall
August 26, 2013
When I purchased this edition, I thought I was receiving the 2012 version. Instead I received the 2005 version, and even that is pretty outdated. If you really want to know how to file a legal malpractice case, there are some good terms but overall, it really doesn't help someone who is pro se, like myself. It doesn't really go into detail as to the
Beth Birnbaum
September 14, 2009
Since my husband and I have been the victims of two lawyers, the second one was hired to go after the first, then we were forced to engage another lawyer, it's kind of becoming a golden goose situation with everyone stuck to us, we are facing financial ruin for years. So far, I am using what I learned in this and a few other books, along with help from lawyer friends who are appalled at what was done to us and want these wrongs addressed for the good of their profession, to get back. I find the advice invaluable.
Edna Phillips
September 21, 2016
answers all questions. Highly recommend it; planning to use it really soon. My attorney will be shocked!!
D. Collardheumphreus
April 4, 2014
Like anything with attorneys, its not strong enough and its not clear enough. Worth reading
but not the final help needed
Kindle Customer
November 24, 2010
This book is a good primer on the subject. It will point you in the right direction to begin or stop the process before going too far. But as with any book on legal topics, so much is state-specific, a general volume can only take you so far. Therefore, as much as a little book like this can do, it does, and it does it pretty well.
Andrea C. Kaestner
April 26, 2013
I can't wait to read through this book thoroughly and take action. I am a Pro Se litigant and I am doing much better on my present case than my lawyer did after 20k. Lawyers get away with laziness and tricks to get their clients to settle and extend their law suits. The only one who wins are the lawyers.
Mark (Greek for \
September 3, 2010
The book has some extremely useful information, however be forewarned that if you enter a court In Pro Se, the judge is very likely to rule against you out of dislike for us mere mortals presuming to stink up their court room with our pretentions (or lack of funds to pay a Lawyer to actually do something useful).

Having hired numerous Lawyers to handle various matters, I can say with complete confidence that if our homes were built by them, civilization as we know it would simply cease to function. They are the most overpaid, universally incompetent, arrogant, dimwitted and unscrupulous humans on the planet (though one wonders if they are indeed Homo Sapiens or rather some aberrant mutation). They are absolute proof that there is no such thing as Cosmic Justice, because if there were such a thing, then all Lawyers would die of leprosy or some other horrible cancer. Instead they die old, fat and happy with the ill gotten gains of their endeavors.They get away with their crime against mankind, because they and their ilk make the rules, while the rest of us are out working hard to make the world function.

If you need to purchase this book, you have my most profound condolences and I wish you the best of luck, you are going to need it.

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