Infantino Discover and Play Activity Mirror 206-846Z

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Color:Limited Edition


Product Description

  • Large domed travel mirror allows greater visibility inside car
  • Fun dangling characters bounce with car's motion and are removable for extended play
  • Attachment straps and easel-back extend mirror use to cribs and floor play
  • BPA Free

Color:Original Version

This adorable feature-filled activity mirror is loaded with developmental delights including bright colors, fun textures, and interesting sounds. The flip-up easel is great for tummy time and floor play.

Customer reviews(6)

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Amanda Phillips
November 24, 2015
You know that commercial where the parent is washing the toy and he screams for his wife to go and get
March 29, 2016
We bought this mirror for
November 8, 2015
I really like this floor mirror. My 2.5 mo old son seems to be entertained by it so far too. He does tummy time in his crib sometimes and I clip it on the rails of the crib or stand it up in there or on the floor, depending on where he's at. There is a built in stand on the back to help keep it up right, which works well unless he grabs at it and tips it over. You can also hang it from something since there is a tie at the top of it or attach it in the car. It comes with some cute little fish attachments that you can choose to put on or not and I think my son also likes to look at the turtle too. I like that this mirror doesn't distort as much as other floor mirrors I've looked at. There are 3 loops on the bottom of it so you could attach other toys with plastic links if you'd prefer.
April 20, 2016
I really like this mirror for use during tummy time. It's domed, which gives my daughter a good view of the room while looking into it. There's crinkly parts and soft parts alike to keep her entertained.
The reason I give this 4 out of 5 starts is for the stand. I really feel if we had a way to hang the mirror, it would be better, as the stand is made up of one cloth covered hard piece, and a strip of cloth with velcro on it. It will frequently tip over if gently pushed and we have to set it back up. I would use it just laying on the floor, but for us that tends not to hold her interest as much since she wants her head up and looking forward.
August 10, 2017
I currently own THREE of these. That's right, three!
The first was a gift. I use it in our car as a baby mirror so I can avoid going crazy with worry when driving around with my toddler.
It JUST fits around the headrest in our car (a Honda Element). I've tried it in about three or four other cars as well over the past year and it does not fit a lot of the headrests in other cars... However, if you're crafty you could totally sew a bit of extra velcro to make the strap longer. Or just do what I do and improvise and find other places to jam it or hand it in the car. I'd always found a solution.

Why do I like this mirror? It's SOFT and there are no little plastic pieces to break.
The mirror I had prior to this one was made of hard plastic. It was light, but it was still made of plastic. The mirror was
Julia H
November 22, 2016
My three-month-old loves this mirror! I first bought it when he was two months old and for a while it was the only toy to capture his attention. He hated tummy time and thid mirror made tummy time fun for him. I started out with propping him up on Boppy with the mirror in front of him and then I would sit behind him so he could see me in the mirror. He loved this and now has worked his way up to tummy time with no Boppy! He loves to look in the mirror, reach out and touch the turtles feet (which crinkle), the goldfish, and the parrot. I think it's fun for him because it has different colors and textures and of course because he can see his reflection. I've also secured it to his crib a couple times. He liked it in his crib which amused him long enough for me to get some

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