Jewel Beading Loom JewelrySupply JL060

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  • The Jewel Loom is a portable and lightweight loom that is easy to use.
  • Instructions included.

The Jewel Loom is a portable and lightweight loom that is easy to use. The sleek design with a work surface of 2.75” wide and 10.5” long is perfect for creating fashionable jewelry pieces. The Jewel Loom fits perfectly in the palm of your hand allowing for ease of use for a comfortable grip and ultimate control while bead weaving.
Instructions included.

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June 7, 2017
I bought this bead loom after seeing a review and tutorial on YouTube. It looked easy but when I got it, it was probably the most annoying loom I have ever dealt with. Mostly due to the steady rocking back and forth, and having a hard time with the tension and removing that metal rod.
When trying to remove the rod it feels like the loom will break in half at any moment. Also the grooves are not deep enough to hold the thread, at least for me. I have heard mixed reviews about this loom so I guess it all depends but for me, I will be giving this loom away.
September 29, 2015
Great product. It replaces my other loom which is more intricate and tedious to use.
Karen Law
November 23, 2016
Bad quality. Only used once, it broken in half.
nada farhat
May 31, 2016
useful tool
November 28, 2014

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