Littelfuse ATD300BP ATD Anti-Theft Battery Master Switch

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Product Description

  • Maintains current to all electrical circuits
  • Use on alarms, on-board computers, central locking system and radio memory presets
  • Works on 12 to 24 volt systems up to 135 amperes

anti-theft battery master switch is available in two versions, fused and detachable. Fused version maintains current or all electrical circuits such as the alarm, on board computer, central locking system and radio memory presets. Detachable version features a special disconnect that allows the battery to easily be removed for anti-theft protection. Perfect for seasonal storage needs or easy off vehicle battery charging for autos, motorcycles, RV's and boats. A simple turn of the knob isolates the battery and renders the vehicle unstartable. Makes anti-theft protection affordable when compared to expensive alarm systems. Eliminates complicated installation, no special electrical or mechanical expertise required. Fits all standard top mount post batteries. Can be used with side mount post batteries by using a top mount adapter post (not included). Works on 12 to 24 volt systems up to 135 amperes.

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L. Munoz
April 28, 2016
I buy this to install on customers cars. We do a lot of Mazda Miata's. They have a small, low cold cranking amp battery, plus many people tend to have this as their "fun" car, i.e.: they don't drive it very often. Once the battery gets a little older, it's still good, but just doesn't hold a charge as well, so they end up having to jump start it, ... a lot. Once we install this they can easily (just open the trunk and turn the knob) disconnect the battery to keep it from being drained. The only down side is you will loose your radio pre-sets. Also, if you have a 1995 and newer OBD II car, and need to pass a smog inspection (like we do here in California) you'll need to not use this for 100-200 miles before going to get tested to make sure your cars computer is good to go.
March 11, 2012
Don't drive my truck very often but wanted the battery to stay charged for when I did want to drive it. Works great. Better that having to charge the battery every time.
February 19, 2017
Didn't fit my battery. It is sized to fit the negative post on a top terminal battery (despite having a red wired inline fuse). It would not fit the positive post of a Ford battery (they are slightly different diameters). I couldn't get it to fit the negative post but Amazon customer service took care of the return.
September 24, 2013
But i bought for my husband and he start to install and broke the piece. He end it up to order an extra one other place.

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