Living World Gravel Paper 12 Inches x 14 Inches (8/Pack) 80278

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Product Description

  • Pre-cut gravel paper
  • Gritty surface helps trim bird claws
  • Simplifies cage cleaning and maintenance
  • When ingested, grit helps crop digestion
  • 8 pack; Measures 12 inches long x 14 inches wide

Living World Gravel Paper is a pre-cut paper made with a gritty surface that helps trim bird claws, and is perfect for all bird cages. When your bird ingests the gravel, the grit helps crop digestion. The gravel paper helps ensure proper digestion. The Living World Gravel Paper is safe for your bird and will make cleaning your pet's cage a lot easier.

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January 25, 2017
We need 13 inches by 14 inches for our cage, so I have to cut off a small bit. Wish we could have it in the right size.

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