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  • A natural fiber disc for nesting
  • Satisfies natural urge to build nests
  • Designed for easy access to soft nest lining
  • Maximum comfort for breeding and raising hatchlings

The Living World Nesting Material is the ideal way to help satisfy your bird's natural urge to build nests. The nesting material is designed for easy access to soft nest lining and provides maximum comfort. Having a proper nesting area is important for breeding and raising hatchlings. Through the use of the Living World Nesting Material, you are providing your bird with the resources for starting a family.

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Jamie Clark
January 3, 2016
My canaries loved this as soon as I put in the cage....however two weeks later I noticed what looked like a growth on the thumb toe of my male canary (who is the most active in nest building). Took him to the vet and the vet said some kind of synthetic fiber had gotten wrapped around his toe, cut off the circulation down to the bone, and the toe had to be amputated. The fiber had already fallen away so the vet could not confirm it was this nesting material, but this was the only thing in their cage other than perches. The vet said it was synthetic because he said organic material would not have done this much damage. So, $400 later and one toe less :(, I have taken this material out of the cage.
October 12, 2013
I just got this yesterday and my canary has already used so much, I had to remove the box. I'm hoping to upload a picture of it, she did a great job!
Kirstie Coleman
February 8, 2016
This seemed like a good nesting box for our budgie pair since it was more natural than a wooden one. MISTAKE! They don't realize it's a nest, because it's made of stiff woven reeds/grass, they think it's something to pick apart. If you had an experienced breeding pair, they'd probably understand what it's for; if you have a never bred pair - I would recommend a wooden nesting box. The product was fine, my birds are just
Ricardo Perez
December 10, 2015
We have two little Zebra finches. One male and one female. I bought this because I thought the female was ready to lay some eggs. It seems like a great product, but to this day, my little birdies have yet to touch the actual stringy material. I have even tried placing it in different places.
July 4, 2016
Not worth the almost $8. I have found it a lot cheaper elsewhere ($1.39). I will definitely not purchase this again.
July 14, 2013
I bought this for my pair of canaries and BOTH of them loved it. The male and female alternated with nest building and successfully hatched their first offspring. He is a healthy, gorgeous bird. I was somewhat concerned about the
Brian R
April 7, 2015
This is a huge scam for the amount of material you get and the price you pay. This is essentially a playing-card sized box of little cotton fibers. You'd be better off sourcing something locally.
Kathy Thigpen
April 27, 2016
good material for my birds but I would like it a lot better if the packaging was a little bit more compact takes up to much space other than that it serves the purpose and works well

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