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August 3, 2017
There are some good, basic points that every private practice law firm owner should know, such as just the sheer importance of seeing your firm from the perspective of someone contacting your law firm and going through whatever process you have. How does it make them feel? Does it provide them with confidence and assurance? It is so important to understand Quality Control even in a law firm and this book makes that clear.

With that said, the book was for the most part somewhat distant from your typical small firm owner, like the owner was a law firm partner in a business firm for many years and is writing this book while smoking a pipe and wearing a suit with suspenders. It just didn't connect with me, and has some suggested procedures that just don't strike me as effective or practical, or that have been tested on a larger scale to prove their effectiveness. Seemed kind of hypothetical, and it's just not the kind of book for a small firm owner needing a nuts and bolts approach.
Stacey Freeman, J.D.
November 24, 2015
Few would dispute that the state of the legal profession has changed over the past two decades and not necessarily for the better. Law firms have lost sight of what it truly means to be of value to its clients. According to the author, the impact of this is no small matter, especially in a demanding and increasingly competitive marketplace and it is a failure that can almost always be traced back to a lack of inspired and authentic firm leadership.

In his groundbreaking book, u2018Marketing the Legal Mind: A Search for Leadership (revised and updated in 2014), attorney and marketing guru Henry Dahut shows us how law firms can move from a lawyer-centered practice to a client-centered one. He offers his readers a step-by-step process that can transform a firm into a thriving practice.

Supporting his unique approach with accounts obtained from his interviews of nearly 100 partners nationwide, more than half of whom hail from large and established law firms, Dahut skillfully persuades readers to turn inward for the answers they seek about how to resurrect a practice that has long been lacking in depth and personal meaning.

In so doing, readers are inspired to question who they are as professionals as well as who they are and want to be as people. That last question, Dahut argues, is key to creating the paradigm shift law firm leadership is in grave need of to save a floundering institution from going down the proverbial rabbit hole out of which it may never again rise. Discussing the necessity of firms to identify what he refers to as its inspired values, Dahut writes:

roger curlin
April 19, 2015
Having worked in professional development and CLE most of my legal career, for two national firms and the #1 Trial Advocacy law school, I learned a lot about attorney and firm DNA. Most attorneys love practicing law, but loathe the u201cbusinessu201d of law.

Practicing law and building a business require two different skill sets. Both are demanding. Both are often grueling. And marketing is an integral part of an attorney or firm building business. However, most attorneys will tell you having to market themselves or their firm falls near their least favorite activity of recording the billable hour.

With Marketing the Legal Mind, Henry Dahut has drawn a roadmap for attorneys and firms to reimagine the process and purpose of marketing. Marketing can become more natural, more personal, more effective, and more enjoyable when it becomes branding through leadership, service, and passion. Unlike many legal marketing books, Marketing the Legal Mind is stripped of legalese and its friendly, often humorous, no-nonsense style makes it an easy, yet profound, read.

Reading this book will excite you. Following this book will reward you.

Roger Curlin, Past President of ACLEA (Association of Continuing Legal Education)
July 7, 2014
Book Review: Marketing the Legal Mind, by Henry Dahut

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