Natural Long-Staple Cotton Bath Towel, 3 Seconds Fast Water Absorbent Salon Travel Towels 600 GSM Super Soft Hand Towel with Medical Grade Antibacterial Technology for Bathroom, Dormitory and Kitchen EasyLife AMZ

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Color:Light Brown


Product Description

  • 1.6s Ultra-fast Water Absorption: Our salon towels made of scarce Awati high quality long-staple cotton, We have tested the same size of towels with other brands and put them into the water. Our towel sinks to the bottom of the water and takes only 1.6 seconds. Strongly water absorption, yet at the same time insure quick drying
  • Swedish Polygiene Antibacterial Technology: The fluffy towel uesd Polygiene technology can effectively inhibit the growth of fungi, bacteria and mites. This technology often used in outdoor clothes and underwears. So when the wet weather in the rainy season you don't have to worry about the mildew of the towel
  • Colorfast and Lint free: The hand towel made of high quality combed cotton, and all hems are double-stitched for extra durability. The hair loss rate is almost 0! without adding unnecessary chemicals, Don't worry about white clothes being dyed when washing with our villose cotton towels
  • Non-odor, Safety and Soft: The cotton towel is perfect for use in face wash, bathroom, gym, spa, as it gives you a very soft, comfortable, and over 600 GSM heavy weight, From cotton to towels, Zero-added softener. let the good cotton kissing our skin directly, safe for you and your family
  • Sealed Package: Independent packaging, easy to go out and on the go and also kept clean during transportation. In EasyLife AMZ, We comes with a full 12 month warranty, 60 days money back guarantee. If you have any questions please contact us. We are always here to help you

Color:Light Green

1. The Awati Long-staple Cotton Towels are a symbol of high quality towel
2. The Awati Cotton is known as queen of cotton. The Awati Cotton Fiber is thin and long, makes the towel extremely strong absorbent, softness, ductility, the gloss is far more than ordinary cotton.
3. 1.6S Stronge Water Absorption, Cut Your Blow-Drying Time In Half! unlike most regular cotton terry towels that absorb very little moisture from your hair, leaving it drenched, this incredible Awati long-staple cotton will leave it slightly damp and ready for styling! It is soft and gentle, which means you can use it on fine, thin, medium, thick, or coarse hair!
4. Say Goodbye To After-Shower Headaches! We all know that feeling; after a shower or a bath, your head feels ultra-heavy and tired from having to manoeuvre a conventional bath towel for a long time and from the excess moisture that doesn't get absorbed; well, with this amazing Awati cotton towel, you can forget about that!
5. Use It At Home Or In Your Salon! The Super Absorbent, Awati Long-staple Fabric is ideally suitable for all hair types. Combined with the stretchy, flexible seam that allows you to form a perfect turban on any hair size it makes it an excellent choice for both professionals and home users!
Material: Awati cotton
Size: 13 x 30 inch
Weight: 150g
Color: Light Green/Light Brown/Light Gray/Light White
We Value Every Customer, If you have any questions please contact customer service, we will provide you with the most satisfactory solution, Thank you so much for your trust!
1 x Cotton Towel

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