Onetrackme Pure Wool Wheel wash Brush kit 3 Piece with Merino Wool wash mitt and Microfiber Towel, Scratch Free car Motorcycle Automotive Detailing Pack

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Product Description

  • CARE FOR YOUR FAVOURITE VEHICLE- Genuine wool for no scratch soft cleaning for the safest job
  • TOP QUALITY PRODUCTS: Sturdy and strong cleaning brush and mitt that will last you for many washes
  • CONVENIENT AND ECONOMICAL Save time and money with the 3 pack kit all ready to grab and go
  • PERFECT GIFT IDEA Car and motorcycle wash accessories make a great gift for anyone
  • RISK FREE PURCHASE: We stand by our products with a 100% money back guarantee

is proud to bring to you the 3-pack car wash kit Containing: 8" x 3” pure wool wheel wash brush 11” X 8” Pure wool car wash Mitt and a large 15” X 12” super thick Microfiber towel -The pure wool wheel wash brush is sturdy but soft to clean in hard to reach spaces without scratching the wheels and rims of your precious vehicle. Just rinse out after use and hang to dry. Use natural cleaners that are also kind to the environment to make your brush last longer. - The wool car wash mitt is premium soft lambswool. It fits like a glove to give you a premium cleaning job with extra shine and no scratching. This mitt soaks up much more soap, suds and water like a sponge to make your car cleaning and auto care like a professional detailing job. - Best quality products that won’t, scratch or leave lint or swirls - Pure natural wool teamed with super thick and absorbent microfiber - Very economical kit ready for your best cleaning job - Use it on your Car, Motorcycle, Truck, Boat, House, RV, motorbike and bike - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Available NOW at this introductory price for a short time so don't wait!

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