Plantronics Bluetooth Headset, Voyager 3240 Bluetooth Earpiece with Charging Case, Compatible with iPhone and iPad, Diamond Black 207360-01

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Product Description

  • BLUETOOTH HEADSET: Answer by voice with the wireless earpiece, complete with signature Plantronics audio technology and enhanced wireless freedom of up to 98 feet/30 meters
  • HANDS FREE: Keep your eyes on the road with caller name announcement that informs you who is calling, while voice alerts announce mute, connection status, and talk time level
  • NOICE-CANCELING TECHNOLOGY: Triple-mic technology with enhanced DSP (digital signal processing) senses the noise around you and eliminates sounds that disrupt conversations for clear voice quality no matter where you are
  • LONG LASTING BATTERY: Bluetooth earpiece has up to 6 hours of non-stop talk from a single charge and up to 7 days in standby mode; never miss a call again
  • INCLUDES: Ergonomic, dual-durometer ear tips for long-wearing comfort and stability, charging case with an extra 10 hours of talk time, micro USB charge cable and optional clip-on ear loop

When your days are non-stop, slowing down isn’t an option. But just because the world is your office doesn’t mean it has to look—or sound—that way. Voyager 30 Series has a sleek, discreet design and 3-mic noise-canceling technology, giving you the confidence to talk anytime, anywhere. Designed to keep pace with your busy schedule, it’s easy to put on and take off, and its advanced audio management keeps you in control of the conversation. When it comes to connecting to life on the go, Voyager 30 Series answers the call.

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John Mc
August 9, 2018
I have had this headset in previous models for years now, and the one thing that I liked the most was the charging case. I could keep it in my computer bag all week and if I didn't use it much, the case would still be holding a good charge. With this new case, after 3 or 4 days MAX, and with limited use of the headset itself, I find that the case gets completely discharged. This is not acceptable and I am hoping that it's just a defective case. I'll see what the company has to say about returning and getting this replaced ....
UPDATE: Since posting, I have had zero Plantronics reps contact me to help me address this issue. I am disappointed in the service. In the past I have been frustrated with return policies and want assurance that this can be replaced and the new case will not discharge like this one. I just pulled out my case and it is completely discharged. I did not use it over the weekend; however, NONE of my previous Plantronics models discharged this way. Unacceptable.
Robyn Sandrew
September 21, 2017
I had a Platronics before and purchase the new model when my died. It was about 3 years old. The Voyager 3200 is horrible. I had a problem with the first one that I purchased in July. I called Platronics and they told me that I should mail it back to them so they could send me a refurnished one. I would also have to pay for shipping both ways. This is ridiculous that I have to get a refurnished product and pay for shipping on a new product. It should work more than 30 days. Amazon help me return it and I purchased another one. Same model. The second Voyager 3200 is also terrible. It connects to my Pixel even when it is not turned on so when people call I can not speak or hear them. I called Platronics and they think that it is a compatibility issue. They were no help. I am going to return it and look for another Bluetooth headset from another company.
Michael Colquitt
February 28, 2018
This is a really nice earpiece, and fortunately, it's design allows me to wear it comfortably even when I have my behind-the-ear hearing aids in. I really like the auto answer feature, since I am on call most nights. If my phone rings, I just reach for the earpiece and twist it in my ear and we're talking, and I have both hands free to grab paper and pencil. I can talk all over my house without moving my phone off it's charger.
Small and fits easily in a pocket. I don't need extended battery use, so the charger/holder stays put on my nightstand and I just slip the earpiece in my pocket when I'm out.
August 31, 2018
I was looking for a high quality headset that I could use to take conf calls while traveling, and to take phone calls on the fly while walking my dogs or doing domestic chores.
Even though on paper it looks very good (Wideband audio, noise cancelling, triple microphone), practically the sound (connected to a cell phone) is not that great, and people at the other end sometime complained about the sound quality - it could be related to poor telephony network quality (I did not test the device with the optional VoIP dongle).
Also, I don't want to wear it all the time (the fit is comfortable but it starts being painful after 30 min) and you don't know where to place it when you're on the go and don't wear it (too big for the pockets of blue jeans).
+ very easy Bluetooth configuration
+ good build quality / pleasant design
+ Windows client (for setup)
+ convenient charging case (when traveling)
+ comfortable for the first 30 min.
+ ergonomics
- sound not that great
- I feel I look like a dork if I wear it when engaged in a call
July 27, 2017
Before i got this i had a Plantronics edge so i had experience with a similar if not exact headset, So this will be short and to the point. Audio is better then the edge i use wide beam on both since it sounds so much better. It feels the same as the edge when on the ear, i like the black instead of the grey/black on the edge. One thing i do notice is since i was the HD audio on it the battery seems worse then with the edge. I thought it would be the same or a bit better but is not much worse maybe 15-20 minutes.
Alpha Bravo
July 28, 2018
Still by far the best in it's category. From the extended talk time bundled with the charging case, to the smart sensor features, multi-device pairing and sleek design. I've grown to like PLT since I ought my first PLT device, the Discovery 925 in 2010, which featured the same design and features such as voice calling. The 3240 is a descendant of the 925, just with better features and functionality. The Edge was a great improvement on the 925, and functioned beautifully with my Blackerry Q10. Transfers audio seamlessly between device and headset when removed from ear, and excellent battery life making it through the whole day on single charge (even though it was always paired to 2 devices when on), all the time without the PLT Hub app. It started to act funny when I switched to android, and I could not enjoy the same battery life as with the BB. The 3240 is a majorly a software improvement on the Edge, with advances in the hardware technology. So far it boasts the longest battery life among both predecessors. To sum it up, the features worth buying a PLT for are, noise cancellation (even when driving with the windows open on highways, you can't tell if you're on the other line where I was), smart sensors and voice commands make it so easy to answer/decline/make calls, NFC pairing (big fan of NFC tech). Wind noise reduction is the 3240's only weakness, but I don't feel it affects my experience with this headset. I was actually interested in buying the 3240 UC, but at that list price, I didn't want to ruin the experience by buying a cheaper refurbished model. Perhaps, I'll invest later in the USB dongle at a later stage. Best way to pair with a laptop is via the dongle.
Olav H
September 28, 2017
way too much noise and static for such an expensive piece. their old 975 model was much better and similar batter power but unfortunately discontinued. would have bought that one any day compared to the 3240
September 17, 2017
I've been using Plantronics for many years. All this type with the charging case. Thought they'd stopped making them. Bought a couple cheaper alternatives, but no where near the quality. Thankfully I found this style again. Thanks!

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