Pregnancy Pillow Wedge, Yunbaby Nature Latex Wedge Pillow Pregnancy Washable Nursing Breastfeeding Pillow Support Body, Belly, Back, Knees (Sakura Pink)

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Color:Mint Green


Product Description

  • Natural Latex:No synthetic additives, naturally mildew proof and dust mite resistant. Consisting of millions of interconnecting air cells - cool in summer and warm in winter. Breathable and maintains comfortable sleeping temperature.
  • Comfortable Support:Yunbaby pregnancy pillow provides the best support to relieves pregnancy pain in your hips, pelvis and lower back, feel more comfortable as you sleeping, reading, breastfeeding, nursing or watch TV.
  • No More Rolling Over: Left side sleep is better for your baby. This pregnancy body pillow stops you from rolling over in your sleep and helps you sleep on your left side.
  • Adjustable Design: Adjustable strap can change length for optimal comfort, make your pregnancy a whole lot more enjoyable. And you can divide it into 2 pregnancy wedge pillow.Use it all over the house.
  • 100% Service: If you are not satisfied with your Pregnancy Pillow, just return it, we will replace it or refund your total purchase with no additional cost.

Color:Mint Green

Did you know that humans spend one-third of our lives sleeping? That is why sleep time is very important. No more tossing & turning, or waking up to switch positions every few hours. Just lay it down, snuggle in, let this super-comfy latex maternity pillow helps you sleep well through all night.
Firstly, what are latex pillows?
There are three different types of latex: natural, synthetic and blended. Natural latex comes from the sap of rubber trees, synthetic latex is made from petrochemicals and blended latex is a combination of the two. While synthetic latex often smells like chemicals, natural latex pillows are environmentally friendly and scent-free.
Yunbaby pregnancy body pillow as it is chemical free, scent free and environmental friendly!
What are the benefits of natural latex pillows?
●Natural Malaysia Latex Filling -- Safe, Comfortable, No Smell High density, extra soft and superior rebounding latex filling is perfect for side sleeping
●Human engineering designed -- Follow the natural shape of the pregnancy mom and gently supports mom’s back and baby for unbelievable comfort!
●Detachable Functional Pillow -- A favorite for expecting mother who is suffering from hip or back pain, fibromyalgia, sciatica, poor posture or anyone looking for a better sleep.
●Easy to Clean -- Washable Breathable Cover: The soft, breathable, hypoallergenic cover is easy to remove, and the heavy-duty zipper won't rip or break. No fraying, no pilling, no wear and tear.
●Lifetime Technical Support. Yunbaby promises 365 Days Warranty, 30-Day No-hassle Return, 24-Hour Customer Service, Lifetime Technical Support. Trust Yunbaby latex pillow and get a good night's sleep from now on. It won't let you down.
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