Premium Dry Brushing Body Brush for Lymphatic Drainage and Cellulite Treatment, Plastic-Free Natural Exfoliating Brush Set with Scrub Gloves, Konjac Sponge, Pumice Stone for Glowing More Youthful Skin ZEN ME 1

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“I would have never thought dry brushing one's skin could make such a huge improvement. I’m only into this one week today and I’m in awe over how smooth my skin is. It actually feels younger and it glows.”“Amazing brush. Feeling energized, slimmer, stronger and happier! And yes, brushing is addictive.”“This set is absolutely perfection. It makes my skin glow and feel like a million bucks. It's the perfect investment if you want to detoxify your skin.”

Use our dry brush set to increase blood flow and lymph drainage making it a natural immune system booster. This can help with cellulite reduction, detox & weight loss as well as reducing the risk of premature skin aging.“Dry skin brushing is one of the more successful ways to smooth less-than-perfect spots on your legs.”- Huffington Post“I've been dry brushing for the last 2 weeks along with a green smoothie cleanse. I SWEAR I can already tell a difference in my skin's complexion and the appearance of celulite is diminishing. Not to mention it's so relaxing. Highly recommend this brush.”1. FOR ALL SKIN TYPES - Stimulate without scratching our dry brush features extra long, curved, bristle strong enough to do the job without causing irritation. Use the charcoal konjac sponge as natural cleanser even for sensitive skin including oily skin prone to acne or pimples.2. FEEL GOOD with a product that is all natural to protect your skin and the planet. Brush made from polished, eco friendly lotus wood, konjac fiber sponge from pure plant root and pumice stone from pure lava.3. SAVE SPENDING on peeling or cleansing products and replace them with your dry brush, washing loofah, Konjac sponge, foot stone skin care set. Plus Receive a BONUS eBook with helpful health & beauty tips for your dry brushing treatment.---> Get Yours Today and say No to expensive, ineffective solutions and enjoy the real results of having radiant, vibrant skin...the smart way.

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Bree O.
December 14, 2017
First, let me start by saying this is a terrific bargain with all 3 tools included (5 if you count the second glove and handle). The bristles are obviously high quality boar and are not soft, they do what theyu2019re supposed to if youu2019re looking for dry brushing. The wood is sturdy and beautiful. The ease of use of the brush is great with being able to easily switch out the handle or just use the palm strap. Second, I use the gloves in the shower as well as the face sponge. Iu2019ve also added on coconut oil after shower and can already see smoothness where I used to be lumpy :p Lastly, Iu2019m a dry brush pro so Iu2019ve been using this daily, if youu2019re new you may want to ease in, youu2019ll get results but you want to make sure youu2019re being healthy and drinking tons of water, green tea, etc!
February 25, 2017
I love the bristles. They are just firm enough to be totally relaxing during dry brushing. Another positive: the company emails you an instructional video, which was very helpful. However, the handle keeps slipping off while I am brushing. It does not attach at all securely.

Though having a detachable handle seemed like a plus when I was shopping for this item, it clearly is not. When I replace this, I will get a long-handled brush that does not have this feature. Having the brush head go flying off and clatter on the tile is a definite mood killer. That really is the only negative.
Nancy W.
August 7, 2015
I have to honestly say the body brush is awesome and it does work on cellulite smoothing
January 12, 2017
The brush comes off the handle sometimes when I' using it. I understand why they are not glued together, just wish they stayed together better. The instructions that came with it and the video were very good since I'd never used a dry brush before. Unfortunately the Konjac sponge was not in the package. I could have returned it and re-ordered in the hopes of getting one with a sponge, but didn't want to go through the trouble. Disappointing.
Jenni Sun
July 20, 2018
So happy that I decided to get this set! There were a lot of choices & I now feel I bought the best.
Dry brushing was recommended as a good exfoliation technique for the self tanner I purchased, and of course I'm after smoother skin. I have eczema & overall dry skin but after reading/researching the benefits of dry brushing, decided to give it a shot. I haven't had any flare ups, but I follow with a shower & then coconut oil.
The boar bristle brush is just right for dry brushing, not too soft, nor too rough. I brush according to the provided instructions, brush each section 10-15x's and only a few bristles have shed, like fewer than 3. The handle fits firmly & securely (sometimes a bit too secure that it's hard to remove lol, but that's on me for attaching it too tightly) into the brush and hasn't come off while using it.
Don't use it in the shower or bath/leave it in the shower or bath, don't leave it wet after the occasional rinse to rid it of dead skin cells. I hang it to dry when needed & store it in the the bag it came in. Leaving it wet will destroy the bristles & possibly split the wooden handle.
Love the exfoliating gloves! Normally I use an Italy towel for bathing and these gloves offer the same if not better exfoliation/cleansing. The pumice stone is a nice weight & effective. Also love the konjac sponge, have been using it 2x's a day for facial cleansing for almost 2 weeks. There aren't really care instructions for it, which may be why some have had issues. Once you use it & it dries, it becomes hard but you just soak it for a few mins & it softens again, then hang to dry.
I'm already seeing & feeling smoother skin and the self tanner went on like a dream! Forever part of my beauty regimen!
Kim gambino
May 10, 2017
I posted on FB asking about dry brushing and had a bunch on comments. I wasn't sure which one to buy but this package from Zen Me looked good. I was pleasantly surprised how thorough the instructions were and the follow up emails about the product...really love the face sponge and the gloves!
Heather Johnson
August 27, 2018
I really enjoy this product it is important to know how to do properly if doing for your health but also a wonderful help for evening skin tone I love the bath mits great for the hot summer days we have been having going to buy some more because I feel so clean. A great product. Very happy with my purchase. The only improvement could be instructions on how to clean but YouTube helped me with that. It could be that is common sense and I just missed the boat on that one.ud83eudd2b
June 4, 2017
I hated to hear i can't use the brush in the shower (meant for dry brushing only) but I'll settle for that cause it came with exfoliating gloves...and I'll get a cheap plastic one for the shower.
Very well-made and beautiful brush...and just soft enough to not be painful for dry brushing. Feels nice, actually...just abrasive enough. Happy purchase.

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