Prevue Pet Products BPV1165 Plastic/Fleece Snuggle Sack Bird Nest, Jumbo TopDawg Pet Supply 60001165

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Product Description

  • Made of canvas and sheepskin material
  • Comes in assorted colors and sizes
  • Hangs easily in cage

Prevue's snuggle sack keeps birds warm and they will love hiding and playing inside its warm and cozy interior.

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August 24, 2015
I thought this would be perfect for my Sun Conure. She ended up getting her toe caught in some of the wooly fun-fur stuff inside. What should've been cozy had her in a lot of discomfort. We were able to cut away the threads, but I couldn't recommend this for a bird who might dig around trying to make it a nest. This would probably be excellent for some small mammals, though. It is really soft and cozy.
February 13, 2013
The Prevue Snuggle Sack is cute but definitely isn't well made enough to stand up to little beaks let alone big ones! The body of the Snuggle Sack appears to be hand sewn to the base in large stitches that are spaced far apart. The fabric of the body is thin & when you look into the Snuggle Sack you can see light coming right through. There is a large seam right at the entrance at the bottom of the
February 20, 2015
This is very large and looks like the picture, except I was sent yellow/purple not the green/cream that was shown in the picture. I may have over looked in the description but I don't recall the product page stating colors may vary. Also the fleece inside has a hole in it, it came that way straight out of the package. I'm not so sure how this is going to hold up with my bird, I think he will pick at the hole in the fleece once he realizes it's there. I think the price point for this is a lil high due to the quality of construction.
Brian Sims
September 21, 2017
Not too big for any bird, but too small for some. I have a sun conure who fits in it perfectly. The medium and large are too small because it bends his tail feathers. The jumbo size is the one any bird that size would need. Much too small for my yello napped Amazon.
November 19, 2011
I have a Sun Conure that is very particular (not to mention very vocal and loud) when she doesn't have a good nesting place. She tore through the last of her hanging Tee Pee beds I had purchased about 6 years ago and can't find anywhere anymore. So, when I saw this I figured she would like it. I ordered the Jumbo even though she's not that big because she loves to drag things into her bed and then lay eggs that she just sits on until I sneak them out and toss them. (Note to anyone considering a Sun Conure: They are VERY vocal birds and have an ear piercing screech! I've had Bunny (no I did not name her, lol) for 11 years now and I caution everyone that claims how beautiful she is that looks can be deceiving! This Snuggle Sack is very rugged too! Birds tend to tear things up and Bunny naturally went at this one with gusto. I must note as well that this Seller was unbelievably fast at putting this right in the mail to me the same day I ordered it, which was late in the afternoon to boot!
Kiana C
March 17, 2016
It took a few days before he would go in it but he got use to it in his cage and started using it. His cage has a play top and I had to wrap a sheet around it at night which kept falling off. Now I don't even have to cover the cage because he has his privacy. He has chewed a hole along the seam at the bottom so that's why it only got 4 stars.i did order 2 more since I know he loves it and I want to make sure I can replace it.
Amazon Customer
December 28, 2016
The picture to actual size reference could not be any more off. I received my snuggle sack yesterday, it was about 20 times too big for my sugar glider and much too large to fit in the HUGE cage we have for them. But Prevue was very understanding with my return request and accepted it immediately. My refund was processed as soon as USPS scanned the return package from my mailbox. No complaints with Prevue. Just be super, super careful on the size you order.
March 4, 2014
this is the first one I found big enough for my umbrella cockatoo. She still hasn't got into it, but she is peeking her head in and out of it. That's a big step for her! It is big enough for her to fit her whole body in! I am hoping she will get the courage up to go all the way inside. She loves being under covers.

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