Replacement Remote for Amazon Fire TV Stick AMDSI CV98LM

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Product Description

  • Replacement remote for Fire TV Stick (not voice operated)
  • Quickly skip to your favorite scenes with standard navigation and playback controls
  • Control your Fire TV Stick from anywhere in the room using Bluetooth

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Mike Thornton
August 31, 2016
Well what to say? This is a replacement remote, did I buy it due to one not working? Nope the kids lost it and I wanted another till I could find it. Paring it was simple, hold the home button for around 10-15 seconds to let the fire stick find it and then Boom your all set to go!
Works just like the original that came with it so no worries there.
maria d aragon
December 9, 2017
My remote had seemingly stopped working after a few months. After I posted a negative review I was promptly contacted by customer support, who gave me some trouble shooting tips (software needed resetting). It worked like magic and we're back in business! Giving 5 stars for the excellent customer service. Below are the trouble shooting tips I received if anyone else has my same issue:

1. Remove batteries from remote and unplug the Fire TV Stick from the HDMI port.
2. Remove the micro USB charging cable from the side of the Fire TV stick.
3. Let the device and remote sit with no power for 1 minute.
4. Plug Micro USB charging cable into the Fire TV Stick and plug the Fire TV Stick into HDMI port on the TV.
5. When you see the Fire TV logo appear on the screen place batteries (preferably a fresh set) back in remote, smooth sides of batteries up against the springs in remote.
6. Once the home screen loads press and hold the Home button for 10 seconds for the remote pair.

If the steps above fail please try to reset the software on the remote. This software reset can be done by pressing and holding the Menu button, the Left button (left side of navigational ring) and the Back button (the arrow that curves back toward the left) all together for 10 seconds.

The remote will become inactive for up to 2 minutes during this software reset.

If the remote doesn't pair again automatically after the 2 minutes, press and hold the Home button for at least 10 seconds to make it discoverable so the devices can try pairing again.
Kelsey L.
September 22, 2016
Well I am now on my 5th remote, not because they are malfunctioning..... My dog is destroying them! Ok Amazon, are you coating these with a tasty substance?!? I just ordered my 5th remote which is on back order .... Buy 4 get one free????? It's worth a try . oh yeah and he purchased a cartoon while chewing this one . Honest!
May 26, 2018
Pros: It's a remote and when you press the buttons they work.
Cons: This thing will disappear in a hot second if you have kids. It's small and it's black.

The first few months of owning it, we spent many nights searching for it. Then we got smart. We attached some velcro to the back of the remote and on the side of the TV. We also wrapped some pink duct tape around it. That helped for a long time. But when your 2 year old throws your Amazon Fire TV remote in the toilet, you order a second one. We ordered a replacement and it's the same thing.
December 4, 2016
These things are too small, too easy for the couch to swallow, to easy to not see when they are under something.

We are on #3 or 4.

We have kids. The duck below is my solution when the tiger wasn't findable enough....
March 16, 2017
Original product with original packaging. This remote is 100% compatible with Amazon TV and Fire Stick. To work, insert batteries and hold the
March 17, 2017
Remote worked well for about 30 minutes but now jumps around several spots when using the up down left right buttons. I didn't really like using the phone app but will now have to go back to it.
UPDATE: I was contacted by customer service and was advised to remove batteries and insert a fresh pair (although batteries were brand new to begin with) and to unplug the firestick to restart it. The remote has been working properly since doing this. I also used the same batteries. I just hope this isn't something that will need to be done frequently.
April 13, 2017
My kids are prone to losing remotes. The voice stick for our main TV has been lost twice, so far. We bought a back up TV stick and now that is lost! Good thing were moving and we'll be able to find them both, I hope! What do you do when the replacement gets lost? Buy a replacements replacement?

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