Solo Plastic Cups 0.5 oz Clear Portion Container for Food, Beverages, Crafts (Pack of 125) Solo Cups

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:0.5 oz Cup


Solo souffle premium plastic portion cups are perfect for sides, hot sauces, condiments and all of your dine-in or take-out needs. Great for jello shots, salsa, ketchup, ranch, teriyaki sauce and any other dipping needs. Additionally, they are amazing for craft projects - use them for paint cups, counting, kids activities, etc. . . They are disposable and make clean up easy. Packaged in a convenient quantity of 25 cups means you won't have to buy or store a whole case.

Customer reviews(50)

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Carolyn K.
November 22, 2016
These are the exact same disposable cups that fit the Mini Magnetic Gecko Feeder Ledge by Pangea, down to the same imprint on the bottom. They are just a larger quantity for less money because they don't say they are for reptiles. Took a chance and I'm very pleased with my purchase.Mini Magnetic Gecko Feeder Ledge
Brian S
April 17, 2017
I bought these for my crested gecko feeder ledge. The diameter is perfect for the feeder I have. The cups are a different size than what came with the equipment originally. These are much more shallow (shorter). This works out well for the food, as it seems easier for the gecko to feed, but I'd prefer deeper containers for the water.
D. Seda
July 31, 2017
I actually use these as our Gargoyle/Crested gecko dishes. They fit perfect in the holders (THESE ARE THE SMALLER CUPS SO YOU MUST HAVE THE PLASTIC RING IN DISH) and are great for the 2 yrs and under geckos. After 2 years then we plan to purchase the 1 oz size. Very happy with price so will purchase again
June 30, 2017
I bought these to use for my reptiles since their food ledge uses the same size. They're the same exact cups that are marketed as "reptile feeding cups" but are far less expensive. Will definitely buy again!
January 30, 2017
Met the description. Good product for a good price. Fit into my magnetic gecko feeder perfectly. Would purchase again.
July 26, 2018
I use these for juvenile crested, gargoyle and leachianus geckos and it provides the perfect unit for their food to be served in. They don't flip them over and they seem to eat better than even since I've purchased these!
Justin B.
August 15, 2017
These are perfect for my geckos. Use them every day with both Geckos and have never had an issue!
March 31, 2017
Perfect for my crested gecko.

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