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March 10, 2017
So, what's missing in modern society today is a real back brush for the shower. This one comes close.

If you are looking for a soft brush to caresse the perfumed lotion off of your skin, or to get the beauty powder off of your nether-region, look elsewhere. If you want a stiff brush for scraping the barnacles off of your back you've come to the right place. This is a good brush for showering after you've toiled in the fields, or pumped iron all day.

It has stiff plastic bristles for some good friction, a nice, big, solid brush head to remove debris and toughen your skin into elephant hide.

For some reason, they paired it with a long, thin sloping handle (-1 star). The handle is too dainty for this brush head. You can't get the necessary skin-peeling force with a long, thin handle. It really should have a 2 inch wide by 1 inch deep, hearty handle. It does have a nice reach though.

Overall I expect to break it in over 2 years to get the bristles about right. Since I won't be pounding railroad ties with it, I expect the handle will hold up. I'll still be on the lookout for a vintage brush, but for a new one, this is as close as I've found so far. I got the clear version too, for the other bathroom.
Margaret V. Palmer
March 7, 2014
The previous three brushes I bought (from drug store) fell apart in a couple of weeks - the heads disintegrated and/or bristles fell out. Another lasted only half a bath. This Swissco brush was more expensive but well worth it. It's sturdy, feels good, does the job, shows no sign of wear after 13 months of frequent use. A FEW other reviewers have complained about: (1)
March 11, 2017
Over the last couple of years, decent bath brushes have become harder to find. Most of them have useless detatchable heads. If not, they are either way too soft or very poorly made. Or they aren't meant to be used in the shower. And with wooden handles, mold is a problem.

After a couple of disappointments in other one piece brushes, I was getting ready to find some serious waterproof glue. I need a brush for scrubbing, not just floof to move some soap around!

Anyway, I like this brush. The bristles are quite stiff. Not for a beginner to back scrubbing. There has been a little bit of shedding, but not chunks of bristles. I do wish the bristles were natural, or more natural, but at least it should last a good long time.
December 30, 2017
I've had this brush for nearly two months. Everyone's skin is different but mine is rather average for 60ish and I love this brush. When dry, it works great for scratching backs, itchy arms and legs. Used in the shower it gently exfoliates while maintaining bristle firmness that lets you know you're getting a good scrub.

I measure just over 5.3 feet and my husband is 6.2. The handle fits both of us perfectly and reaches all the right spots. It hasn't shown any sign of mold or mildew.

Hope this helps.
August 27, 2011
I wanted a simple brush to scrub my back in the shower and then I read several Amazon reviews. It started to seem complicated -- handle material, length and curvature of the handle, stiffness of bristles, lather rentention and mold factor. So I took a great leap of faith with this Swissco brush and held my breath. It works quite well. The handle is the right length and angle, the bristles are firm but very comfortable, it held the soap lather well and so forth. I would recommend this brush for the layperson.
December 12, 2017
Do Not Order this. I don't know why amazon has it in b their listings. First, it takes a,slow boat from China to get here, over a month to b get it, a simple wash brush! I didn't know it was coming from china. Second, when I opened the package, the bristles immediately started falling off, literally, coming apart, all over the place. This is a,waste of money, do not buy,and amazon should remove from their listing
online shopping fan
November 2, 2017
Wow, I bought this in 2013 and it is still a favorite! Prior to purchasing this plastic Tortoise handled brush, I used and seemingly pretty quickly had to throw away many wooden-handled brushes because they just didn't survive the moisture.

This brush is the bomb!! Perfect bristle strength and pattern for not too rough but very effective scrubbing and the plastic handle seems perfect for the shower environment.

I would certainly purchase again if anything ever happened to this one, but after about 5 years so far of hanging in the shower and frequent use, I don't think it will need replacement anytime soon - it's still in perfect condition!
E. Boshears
August 8, 2018
I cannot say enough say enough great things about this body brush. I have searched far and wide for a brush that is stiff enough for me and I have finally found one. I use the brush in the shower and it stays stiff even when wet. The plastic handle was a little awkward the first time I used it, I was use to wooden handles, but I am a fast learner, so the second time I used it was a piece of cake. At first I was skeptical about the curved handle but I love it. Now I can easily reach all of those

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