Thermador : SGS365FS 36 Gas Cooktop with 5 Star Burners - Stainless Steel w/ Blue Indicator Lights

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Bruce K. Van Allen
August 18, 2012
I really wanted a 36" cooktop and looked at many alternatives the thermador product exceeded my expectations for performance and utility. Wide precise range of control settings make getting proper temp a snap. Installation was straight forward. Cleaning couldn't be easier. Love having 3 burner size choices and solid cook surface. Highly recommended.
February 7, 2015
I have this cooktop and I LOVE it. The best feature is the low simmer burners, which I use all the time. I have two issues with it - I wish it were a few inches wider when I have 3 big pots going across the 3 rows. But, that can be had with the 48". Problem with the 48" is there are no small burners like there are on this cooktop, and I use at least one of the small burners nearly every day. The big burners are too big for my tea pot. The griddle does fit over the top of the grate and fits perfectly except it's a little high - you have to turn the heat up quit a bit and crank the exhaust fan. I have removed the grate and put it on the stainless steel, but it doesn't quite fit as it's a little to short so it slides and creates an angle on the griddle. Then it's too close and the burner sometimes struggles to light. But overall I love this cooktop and am buying it again when we move in a few months for our new house.
Drops a star also because Amazon's pricing is $1,000 more than at any appliance store. Don't buy it here unless they drop the price, it's $1800 at the appliance stores.
November 22, 2014
This cooktop has serious design problems. When the front right burner is used on Medium or High for a few minutes, the knobs and cooktop surface near it become blistering hot. No problem for most adults, but dangerous for children. Heating large volumes takes a very long time except when using the giant middle burner. And worse, it is very hard to clean without scratching the finish. Before its purchased it we had a 36" Thermador that lasted 20 years and was far superior.
R. Pollack
June 3, 2018
We just built a house and I put this cooktop in it. :( I hate it. 1. CLEANING I'm a clean freak, and I clean the metal pan under the grates after every use. This is impossible to clean!!! I have used everything the user's manual recommends. Faint grease spots remain no matter what I do. Cleaning in the edges of all the stars under the burners is a total pain. Now I know why burners are round--no corners! Each star burner has 5 corners, where the drips get baked on instantly while you are cooking, turning to ugly brown, baked-on spots. I can usually get those off, but it takes Bar Keepers Friend and a LOT of scrubbing. Ugh. 2. BURNERS Horrible for cooking over a low flame. I'm going to see if my plumber can reduce the flames on all the burners, but right now I only use the two smallest burners because the other ones have too many BTUs for slow cooking. Also, the two burners that have "XLO" settings? The flames don't adjust to super low; they click on and off the whole time, which is really annoying. Another ugh.
November 13, 2012
We just purchased this cooktop to replace our much older Thermador Cooktop. I had looked at others because we wanted a griddle and the new Thermador didn't come with a built in griddle.. Just as I was about to cave into a Bertellezoni, our salesman told us we could order a griddle that fits exactly over the central burner.. problem solved!!!!

It is a fantastic cooktop!! Love that the blue light shows when the gas is on, because sometimes hard to see the flame in the morning light. We also got the back downdraft which looks specactular with the cooktop and luckily, with just a little carving, fit the previous space perfectly.

My ONLY complaint is that the stainless steel is hard to clean and scratches easily. Be very careful how you clean it. Do not use anything too abrasive. There is already a stain on the stainless, very faint, but I have been unable to remove it and we have only had it six weeks. But still, I am overall VERY HAPPY with this product and looking forward to using the griddle.
October 16, 2013
We did a kitchen remodel and for some insane reason, I decided to replace our old black Kitchenaid gas cooktop with a glass smoothtop electric (also Kitchenaid). While it looked sleek, it was a nightmare to clean (streaked like mad) and the pans slid all over the surface. Impossible to tell how high the heat was without removing a pan; plus it constantly "cycled". So after regretting my Kitchenaid purchase for a few months, I bit the bullet & returned the Kitchenaid (at a 30% "restock" fee!) & purchased what I should have to begin with: the Thermador 36" SGS365FS. I LOVE THIS COOKTOP. It looks gorgeous, cooks like a dream, and cleans easily. It's so elegant and functional, I feel like a pro Chef! Plus, it's a Thermador..what more could you ask for? I clean the stainless surface with a sudsy sponge and then rinse. Then apply a spray stainless steel "cleaner" (to protect the surface) and I'm good to go. I clean the cast-iron racks in the sink with dish detergent & a plastic dish problem. This takes all of ten minutes! The SGSX model is about $400 more, but I can't see spending that much for the addition of a glass surface around the control knobs...that seems to be the only difference. Go for this won't be sorry!
February 6, 2015
Avoid Thermador at all costs!!! After 7-10 years they stop making parts. My 10 yo 48" range must be replaced because igniter 00415124 (a $25 part) isn't made anymore. Thermador parts dept. was rude and no help. Check the internet and you'll see many customers burned by this Thermador planned obsolescent. Spend your hard earned money elsewhere!
G. Buhr
April 17, 2014
DO not buy major appliances from Thermador. I have a very expensive gas cooktop that I bought new when I built my home 12 years ago. I have replaced strikers and other minor issues before. But I just found out that they have stopped making the strikers for this cooktop. SO what that means is that Thermador has decided that their cooktops should not last more than 12 years, and wish to force you to replace them with new ones. If you are OK with that, then buy it. I am not OK with it.

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