Universal 43613 Bulletin Board, Natural Cork, 36 x 24, Satin-Finished Aluminum Frame

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$ 11 50

Size:2 Pack


Product Description

  • Resilient self-healing all-natural cork.
  • Satin-finished, wrap-around aluminum frame.
  • Dense fiberboard backing.

Size:Small 2' - 4'

Universal 43613 Bulletin Board, Natural Cork, 36 x 24, Satin-Finished Aluminum Frame

Customer reviews(8)

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The Man.
January 14, 2014
I did my research to try to get the best board for the best price.... and this seems to be the best.

The most popular board on amazon is around $10, so i gave that a shot. BAD IDEA. That board was garbage. The packaging was terrible. Absolutely no protection. Luckily, the package was destroyed when it got to my house. (obviously.... there was no packaging).....so i ended up returning it. I decided to check out the board before i returned it though and this is what i found.....

The cork quality was horrible too. The board only had like a paper-thin layer of cork....then the inside was hollow. the back was made of cheap cardboard and the pins would easily pierce through. The border was made of cheap wood too.

Very sleek design with high quality cork! The cork is solid and the back is made of some nice plastic-like material. The aluminum boarder also makes it very pleasing to the eye!
The instructions given with this board are MAGNIFICENT!! It gives you an outline of the board so you can easily mount the board using the screws given to you. No measurements are really needed! it's done for you.

In conclusion.... the more money you spend, the better quality board you get. don't try to get an inexpensive board and expect a superior one. sure there are better boards out there, but this board seems to be the best priced one for the quality on amazon. ($22 + free shipping: the price i got it for)
October 8, 2014
Love it. Keeps me organized now that my son is in Kindergarten.
Justin Donie
February 22, 2015
Solid, excellent hardware, excellent product. Very happy about my purchase.

I read the reviews on this product and was very encouraged. I was looking for a sound, solid bulletin board for my office cube that was easy to mount on the cube-wall hooks I already have. When this bulletin board arrived, it took about a minute to get it out of the easy to open, protective box and have it mounted on the cube-wall. It took thumb tacks like a dream and really felt solid and looked great! Construction is very high quality and very attractive.

The hardware on the back of the board makes mounting it very easy on either nails/screws for solid walls or metal cube hooks like mine (like these: http://www.amazon.com/Quartet-7501-Flexible-hangers-panels/dp/B000AMYOJ6/ref=sr_1_19?ie=UTF8&qid=1424595568&sr=8-19&keywords=cubicle+wall+hooks). Pre-attached in 3 of the corners, the hardware is an open square shape that fits easily over most kinds of mounting nails or hooks, in either horizontal or vertical orientation. The frame of the board is very solid and the cork surface feels sturdy and deep, taking thumb tacks easily and holding them securely. There's nothing
Lawrence D. Ziegler
October 16, 2015
My wife needed a bulletin board for the kitchen to keep track of coming events, and I purchased this Universal 36 X 24 Natural Cork Bulletin Board.
It is well constructed and attractive for our purposes. The hardware was in the package with good instructions for hanging. I hung it vertically and
a calendar was attached with ordinary push pins. The depth of the natural cork was sufficient and the bulletin board was finished. We were both
completely satisfied with it and the cost was very reasonable.
Lisa Caroline
March 7, 2013
I price-checked similar bulletin boards in my area and none came close to the price of this one! I paid under $22 total for the board, shipping and tax. Even at local stores like Office Depot, a similar one would have cost me over $10 more. This item shipped from TX and I'm in OK so it was here 2 days after I purchased it at Amazon! VERY FAST SHIPPING. I was concerned upon the seeing the packaging that it could EASILY have been damaged. The cardboard box it comes in is flimsy and there isn't much inside protecting it. However, I was very happy that mine arrive in PERFECT condition. BUT, I can also see that if you lived farther away, it would take longer to reach you and 'might' be damaged (I read about that in another post but they also said the company quickly them another one as well!) Bottom line: I received my product FAST, in PERFECT condition, for a great price and it's a VERY nice quality board. I highly recommend this one!
July 24, 2015
Works great in our homeschool classroom. I needed something to hang their papers on and didnt want a bunch of holes in the wall. This was perfect
February 22, 2015
This was almost exactly what I wanted, the board arrived packaged well and in one piece, it was simple to put up, it looks attractive and it's serving out its function as intended. I only wish I had gotten the larger version instead because I think I could have really used the extra space. The only other thing is this board smells a lot. It is just has that normal new corkboard smell to it that can be overpowering. It took about a week for the smell to stop being so noticeable.
Dominic Collins-Hall
October 13, 2015
This board was exactly what I needed.
As soon as I picked it up I knew it was money well spent. It is made in China, but the construction is solid, the cork board high quality, and the smooth aluminum makes for a clean, attractive look. You can tell just by holding it this is well made and will last a long time. The board comes with screws and has sturdy hangers built in 3 of the 4 corners, so it can be displayed vertically or horizontally.

This hangs above my desk and helps to keep me organized. If you want a robust cork board that will not flake away or come apart at the frame, this will fit the bill at a fair price of $20.

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