VIVOHOME Electric Ice Crusher Shaver Snow Cone Maker Machine Blue 143lbs/hr for Home and Commerical Use

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Product Description

  • Electric (plug in). Rapidly shaves ice (143 lbs of ice per hour) to meet large demand
  • Built with food grade stainless steel hopper and blade. Rust proof and hygienic
  • Sturdy base offers stable workstation, vibration and noise minimized
  • Aesthetic design. Perfect for homes, restaurants, bars, canteens, snack stands, fairs, etc
  • Safety water resistant on/off switch for convenience and peace of mind. Power cuts off and blade stops rotating automatically when hopper handle is opened to avoid injury

Customer reviews(8)

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Randy Lin
May 3, 2018
M Lortz
December 30, 2017
After buying two manual ice crushers that fell apart in a month, I decided to spend the money and get something with more durability, and a motor. I would not call this an
November 3, 2017
This is a solid machine that shaves ice in seconds. There is some way to it and it feels like it will last 20 years
Cher James
June 18, 2018
Stopped working after about 20 uses. Will not power on at all. When it did work, it did the job of shaving ice-It is very messy so I used a regular bowl and not the silver dish to collect the ice. I needed a lot of towels to dry the counters afterward.

As an update-The seller has responded to me very quickly, and is sending a replacement machine. I will update on performance after I use the machine for a longer time period.
Michael De La Rosa
August 1, 2018
Our family has been having so much fun making snow cones at home with this machine. We have been using it for a few weeks now, and am very happy with this item. One tip I would advise, is to place a dry towel underneath the machine prior to using it, to catch any ice that melts. The machine is very easy to use, and the ice comes out like powder. We found some very inexpensive ice syrups at target that work great. I was worried that the machine might take up too much space on our countertop, but it actually does not.
September 6, 2018
We bought this ice machine to shave ice to eat and to make sno-cones. This little shaver worked really well at chopping up the ice into very fine pieces, just like a shaved ice sno-cone shop does. I really like this little guy as it doesn't take up too much counter space and is very easy to use. The reason for the four stars is because I felt they could do better engineering it. My main concerns:
1) The height is too low to put anything but a very shallow bowl under it. It would have been nice to have flip down legs so you could shave the ice right into your cup instead of having to scoop it out spoon by spoon from the bowl.
2) Even when you turn it sideways and front to back to get the water out so it can dry quicker, it never seems to come out. However, wait till the next night and as soon as you put more ice into it, a bunch of water drains out. I still haven't figured out where it's hiding yet and why new ice triggers its release.
3) The cutting wheel doesn't shut off until the door is opened enough to where a little one could stick a finger in. It should shut off before it comes out of the ice receptacle as a safety measure. I don;t recommend kids using it unattended.
Overall, I would recommend this based on it's value and quality of cut. I'm sure there are better units out there, but it fits our needs just fine and was priced right.
Chubby Beluga
July 4, 2018
We bought this for my company- and itu2019s a hit. Itu2019s super easy to use. You out ice cubes, of any shape in into the grinder and bam! It really does come out with a fine snow like texture.
Itu2019s a great value, super easy to use. My only bit of warning would be to put a towel down to soak up some of the ice that makes it through the crushing. Itu2019s a really fantastic buy overall.
August 26, 2018
I had to return, because mine arrived broken. Sounded like the motor inside was sliding around. I am not sure if this was broken during transit, but the box was not damaged. I would hope something so heavy duty would not break easily. Thinking about buying the same one again or trying a different one. I will update my review when I receive my next one.

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