Zizo Bolt Series Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Case Military Grade Drop Tested with Tempered Glass Screen Protector Holster TAN CAMO Green

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Product Description

  • Protection: The Zizo [Bolt Series] meets 12 ft. Military Grade 810.1-G Compliancy. Certified to protect your phone.
  • Versatility: With up to 10 color variations to choose from, the Zizo Bolt Cover provides the perfect platform to express your style
  • Endless Possibilities: Equipped with a built-in kickstand, you can now enjoy your phone hands free
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Screen Protector: A Zizo [Lightning Shield] 0.33mm 9H hardness and 100% clarity Curved Full Glass Screen Protector is included free with every purchase
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Case: The Zizo [Bolt Series] is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Zizo Bolt case is compatible with the Zizo Wireless Qi Charger.

Customer reviews(5851)

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William S.
September 6, 2017
I was a little skeptical when I ordered this. But having the just newly released Samsung note 8 there was not much if a choice. But once I received this case I was impressed. Better then my otter box I had for my Samsung s6. I would definitely recommend and purchase again
November 25, 2017
Im writing this review as a reference to help people who want to use the White Stone Dome glass protector with this case. The is visually appealing and I was shock how nice it was for the money. It has a inner shell that you have to put on the phone first. Then you can snap on the outer hard shell. The belt clip mount is nice and sturdy. It has some flex to it too. But still overall study plastic. The belt clip kick stand props your cell phone up nice and firm. The case its self has its on kick stand which works nicely.

Now about the White Stone Dome glass protector. I couldn't find anyone who had used the Dome glass protector with a Note 8 and this Zico case, so I was about to return it. I figured let me at least try it, and if it messed up my glass install I would just buy another glass protector. I started by putting the bottom of my note 8 in the plastic shell first to check clearance of my White Stone Glass protector on my phone. It appeared that I had enough clearance. So I proceeded with pulling the top part of the Zico inner shell over the top of my Note 8. There was plenty of clearance on my White Stone Dome when I had installed it prior. Then I installed the outer Zico shell. From youtube I learned the best way to check if a case fits properly with the Dome glass is to press on the corners and see if the case pushes up the glass protector. it did NOT push up my Dome glass protector. I lucked out with how I installed my White Stone Dome glass. but it worked. What I would suggest is getting the case first putting it on the Note 8 first to see the amount of clearances you need when installing your Dome glass so it will iaccept the Zico Bolt case. If you already have installed your Dome glass Then it all depends on the clearances left over after your install. You can try it but I suggest testing it by only inserting the bottom of the Note 8 in the Zico Bolt case first to see if you have enough clearance. If you have enough clearance at the bottom then you should be good at the top of the case. I included pictures of my case with the White Stone Dome with my Zico Bolt case on it so you can get an idea of how it looks with the clearances.
Harbor S
November 28, 2017
My husband and I both got this case in a pinch when our Note 8s arrived. He got the desert tan/camo green and I got the white and grey. It's rather difficult to put on...had to get my husband to get the outside cover on mine. It looks really nice. It fits the phone well, and the screen protector went on flawlessly. It shipped quickly, it's exactly as pictured, and works really well.

**note** Clean and thourougly dry your screen with Pledge Multi Surface...it is electronics safe...just make sure it's totally dry and do not touch the screen or let dust get on it while installing the screen protector.

Screen sensitivity is fine with the screen protector on it. I only had to press slightly harder, and after a day you don't even notice that. I was able to get the S Pen out easily (little hands) and my husband has no problem getting his out either (big hands). The buttons are fine, I like that they aren't easily pushed but not so hard you can't push them. We both can operate the buttons while using the phone with one hand, and can even do screenshots one handed.

It DOES work with the wireless charger BUT you have to use it laying flat, it won't stay put if you wirelessly charge it in the upright position...I believe this is due to the slick "screws" on the back...Both the fact that they are slick and because they don't allow the phone to sit flush with the wireless charger in the standing/upright position. When charging flat, you also have to find the sweet spot...that's the only position it will charge in. Once you find that spot, it charges just fine, and I would lay it right 9 times out of 10 without having to readjust it on the wireless charger.

Alright...the negatives...the outside case part is slick-ish and the 4 little "screws" on the back suck. That's what makes it slide easily on surfaces. If they had made those rubbery, it would've been no problem...but they did not. The kickstand...I never used it as it was dang near impossible to open and I didn't want to break it.

Positives....it covers the phone well. I dropped it a few times and it did the job...though the drops were from minimal heights...it slid off my dresser and got knocked off the bed...Both falls were onto finished concrete floors. The screen protector is fine. No, it does not cover the entire screen...there is a teeny tiny gap at the curve, but the guy at my service provider corporate store said all of them are that way due to the curve. He said if it covers down past the curve to the frame, it will push itself up. So I'm fine with the tiny gap.

I opted to go with Otter for long term, for the "anti slick" outer surface. It doesn't slide. This case slides more than I'm comfortable with...my husband still has this case on his phone. He said he is not going to Otter until this one breaks...which says a lot. He is perfectly happy with this case. Our toddler does not play with or even mess with his phone, it's always mine and that was another reason I opted to go ahead and change to the Otter. I still have the screen protector on from this case though and it is still working perfectly with the Otter case.

So, this case was VERY difficult to remove, but it did not break. If you need to remove it...I highly suggest using a butter knife for leverage and popping it off as gently as possible. That's what we did and it came off intact.

All in all...for the price, this is an excellent case for your Note 8. I took off one star because of the 4 plastic "screws" on the back as they cause the case to slide on surfaces, and because the kickstand is so difficult to pop out. If you can overlook those two things, or you're in a bind and need a good, cheap case...then you won't go wrong with this one!

I have now removed the screen protector. My husband's is still on, so is his case, and functioning flawlessly. I had a bit of a tug of war the other day between myself and our 2.5 yo daughter...my phone was the rope. I think her freaky strong grip caused the issue, when it shouldn't have. She had it at the top of my phone, and once I got it from her and went to use it, I noticed my "buttons" not responding to my touch. For reference, on the Amazon mobile shopping app...the 3 menu lines at the top left, the search, voice option, and cart "buttons" on the top right, to about an inch down. When I looked closely, the adhesive had come unstuck from that whole top section of my phone. I thought I'd just deal with it, but over the next few days it got worse and lots of dust, dirt, mystery crumbs etc, were becoming trapped under it. So, I pulled it off. I purchased another brand and will be putting it on in the next few days. So, that's that. My screen protector is finished. It worked well and was good while it lasted.
Kelley Mizic
March 1, 2018
Update: The power button on this case does not work and renders it useless. After using it for a couple of days it's beyond frustrating. I hate leaving this kind of review because the case looks great and I want to love it.

Pros: sturdy case with a very tight fit. Great protection. Doesn't add near the bulk of a ridiculous otterbox. Looks great. Nice pronounced lip on top and bottom that protect the front of the phone very nicely. The added acreen protector is down right cool. Not all screen protectors work with all cases so it's nice to know you'll have one that works with a new case for sure. The belt clip is very sturdy as well.
Cons: the power button drives me absolutely crazy. It require far to much effort to turn the screen on and off. Not tactile at all. The other buttons work fine. The kick stand is flimsy and dont even think about pushing the power button while the kickstand is deployed.
If the power button was not so difficult I would give this case five stars and it would be on my phone most of the time. At this time I'll be switching back to a not nearly so cool looking vase with buttons that work well. The button is a deal breaker for me as I honestly feel I'm going to damage my phone squeezing it so hard.
Allen P
November 3, 2017
Durability is really good,the impact glass is also good,but you have to push the screen hard too type or dial the number especially when you try to do any type of typing at the curved edge of the note 8!!! It is very frustrating when you are typing!!! I TRULY F***EN HATE HOW HARD YOU HAVE TO TAP ON CERTAIN PARTS OF THE GLASS ESPECIALLY ON THE EDGES!!!!!!

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