Zizo Bolt Series Galaxy Note 9 Case with Holster, Lanyard, Military Grade Drop Tested and Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Cover - Orange/Black

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  • Protection: The Zizo [Bolt Series] meets 12 ft. Military Grade 810.1-G Compliance. Certified to protect your phone
  • Versatility: With up to 6 color variations to choose from, the Zizo Bolt Cover provides the perfect platform to express your style
  • Endless Possibilities: Equipped with a built-in kickstand, you can now enjoy your phone hands free
  • A Zizo [Lightning Shield] 0.33mm 9H hardness and 100% clarity Tempered Glass Screen Protector is included free with every purchase
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Case: The Zizo [Bolt Series] is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Protective, attractive, and exclusive. The perfect 3 words to describe the [Bolt Series]. When it comes to finding a reliable Samsung Galaxy Note 9 case, the Bolt Cover is definitely your first choice. This product features a dual-layer case that is engineered to disperse impact force when dropped. A soft [Shock Absorbing] Galaxy Note 9 Polyurethane with an [Impact Resistant] Polycarbonate Shell is the secret behind Bolt Cover's protection. This bundle also includes a heavy duty 360 degree rotatable holster belt clip and a built-in kickstand to provide additional versatility and functionality using your device. Aesthetically crafted with 10 color variations to choose from to convey the perfect platform to express your style. The [Bolt Series] meets 12 ft. 810.1-G Certification. We know how important your phone's protection is to you, so we also included a [Lightning Shield] Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Full Glass Screen Protector FREE with every purchase. This case is compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Our goal is simple: to provide the best value in products available. is a second-generation family company based out of Southern California. We're a New school company with Old school traditions. Become a part of the Family today! P(more...)

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M Rice
August 29, 2018
Initial review: I have just received and the item it seems to cover the phone quite well. One of the reasons I chose this case was because of the included protective screen which I applied right away. The case is a great design allowing for wireless charging. The additional belt clip can be applied to the phone both front and back and can be used as a phone stand.

Overall it is a great product. The built-in Case phone-stand seems to be made of inferior plastic but no issues. Great access to fingerprint scanner and S Pen.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I suggest going to the settings and turning the Touch Sensitivity setting which increases touch sensitivity to help with screen protectors. This can be found in Settings/Advanced Features/Touch Sensitivity
September 19, 2018
I like this case a lot. As we get more and more dependant upon our cell phones to keep our lives on track, of course the price of these cellular devices demand a considerable investment. I wanted to get a case that protects my Note 9 from my clumsiness. I am very satisfied with the case, I think it would withstand most anything I could put it through. I like the ability to attach a lanyard. I wish it had a slightly bigger hole to allow me to clip on a lanyard of my choice, as well as quickly remove it. The one on the case allows for installation of the included lanyard which allows for me to thread "string" thru the hold. I admit this string appears to be durable, I assume it is some type of reinforced nylon. It does not allow the lanyard to be easily removed. For myself, I like to color coordinate my lanyards with the clothes I am wearing. sometimes I want a little "bling" sometimes I use a plain leather lanyard to use when I am gardening or other outdoor activities. The disadvantage of this case/screen protector combination was that the tempered glass screen protector was already shattered when it arrived. Since I liked the case overall, I chose to not return it. I am disappointed that I will have to buy a new screen protector. I live on a fixed Social Security income so the extra expense is a bit of a hardship, I may kick myself for choosing to not return everything and request a replacement, but it is difficult for me to get to the location of the nearest return facility. This is a good case, I would have given it a 5 star had it not been for the shattered screen protector. I am sure this is an unusual circumstance. For a previous phone I had one of these cases and it served me well. Protected my phone from several drops and other events that could easily have scratched the screen. The phone was in pristine condition, so I was able to turn it in for a nice credit toward the phurchase of my new phone.
August 27, 2018
I didn't buy this for the screen protector. The case fits the Note 9 like a glove. It's secure and the belt clip is sturdy. I did install the screen protector (comes with the case!) and it's one of the few I've seen that actually works with a case. That said, the protector deadens the screen sensitivity, significantly. I found myself having to push REALLY hard on the keyboard keys to get them to respond. Same with the app icons. I'll be removing the screen protector. I don't want to be pounding on my phone to send a text or respond to one of the many emails I get.
September 8, 2018
With the ever increasing cost of phones like the note 9. You definitely want to protect your investment in communications. However the ridiculous cost of life proof and otterbox make it hard. The zizo bolt gives great protection at am affordable price! The included screen protection was easy to Install and fit perfectly! Overall I am very happy with this case and feel in some ways it offers superior protection to some of the more pricey brands...
Prime Buyer
September 16, 2018
I got my first Zizo when I got a galaxy S7 edge. Those edge screens means the glass part of the phone is completely exposed if you drop it. I had tried several holsters that claimed to do the job yet my phone still fell out and the screen broke... each time costing $200 to get the phone replaced. Once I got the Zizo no more problems: the phone is secure yet easy to remove without potentially dropping the phone. So when I bought my new Galaxy Note 9 I immediately found the Zizo for that phone and again a perfect fit! I paid $1300 for my phone and only the best will do.
October 24, 2018
This case is perfect for me.i use my phone for everything its my tv my radio my computer so i have an attendance to fall asleep with phone in hand. and now im not worried about that. first off the case is a tank. second the lanyard will catch b4 phone hits my hardwood floor's .i didnt use screen protector cuz i have dome screen protector .its just a nice looking case as well love it...update holster breaks day after writing this review i ask zizzo to fix they say sending out new holster cuz the reason i need case is for work thats y i bought this particular case .so week goes by and still no sent update so i reach out and they tell me it must have been stolen or lost in mail heres a 4 dollar refund o tell him 4 bucks is a smack in the face i only use thos case 4 work with the holster with out it i wont ever use case so they reply best i can do is 5 bucks WOW im pissed now so i say im sending it all back and useing another case and they reply take it up with Amazon..Really wtf never again will zizzo get nothin from my wallet
October 19, 2018
This case is tough, good looking, easy to use, and so far very durable, not to mention how good it looks. I have used different cases before that was more expensive and well they weren't totally as advertised.. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who asks and tell them where to get them. I also was very satisfied with the fast processing and the great shipment and arrival. Thanks Ed

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